Kristen Bell Says Dax Shepard No Longer Has a Big Toenail: 'Who Needs Toenails in a Partner?'

He used a Dremel drill to take the dead toenail off.

Dax Shepard is walking around without a particular cosmetic body part these days. His wife, Kristen Bell, appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed Shepard's recent loss of his toenail. 

"He likes to do it himself. He's a really DIY-er when it comes to medical stuff," Bell, 41, quipped of Shepard, 47. 

One of these DIY projects, involved his feet, which Shepard had previously declared to be his favorite physical feature. After suffering from a large dead toenail for years, Shepard decided to do something about it. 

"The other day I walk into the bathroom, he is attempting to Dremel his toenail off," Bell said, referencing the power tool. "His has a real, industrial Dremel that you use for outside yard work, and I said, 'Hi, bud, can I at least switch this Dremel for my nail Dremel?'"

Laughing, Bell added that Shepard was open to the idea. "He said, 'Oh yeah, this will work so much better for the sides!'"

Confirming that Shepard no longer has that toenail, Bell didn't seem to mind. 

"You know you're headed for life with a crazy old man, right?" host Kimmel joked of Shepard. 

"But he's so fun and he's so wonderful, Jimmy, I don't care. I don't need toe... who needs toenails in a partner?" she quipped. "When you're on a dating app, it's not like you're like, 'Must have toenails!' Who cares?"

Earlier this month, Shepard celebrated his birthday and Bell is proud of the gift she got her husband. Saying that he and his friends are obsessed with popcorn, Bell explained, "He wanted to come up with a brand called 'Dax's Too Much F**king Butter Movie Theater Popcorn.' So I called Orville Redenbacher, and I asked them to make him a case... and they did it and they printed it!"