Kristen Bell Says Husband Dax Shepard Has a 'Sweet Bromance' With Bradley Cooper

Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper
Christopher Polk/NBC/NBC via Getty Images

Here's all the details on this old friendship!

The love is real!

Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard are on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where they discuss his glowing admiration for A Star Is Born actor-director Bradley Cooper. As it turns out, the feeling is mutual!

“OK, so your first crush was Brad Pitt,” Ellen DeGeneres recalls to Shepard. “You moved on, then it was Bradley Cooper. You went to the Golden Globes cause you were nominated [to Bell], congratulations… So you’re at the Golden Globes, you see Bradley...“

“And immediately he says, 'I saw you on Ellen,” Shepard explains. “And I was watching it and it was really funny but there was a moment where you said, ‘I like Bradley’ and he said, ‘My heart sank.’ But then you said, ‘I love Bradley’ and then I felt a lot better.”

Amid this play-by-play, Bell chimes in, “It’s a very sweet bromance.”

“Then this happened,” the talk show host adds. That’s when DeGeneres displays the already-viral photo of Cooper and Shepard sharing a kiss on the red carpet.

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Bell explains that, during this passionate moment, she was off to the side watching just “as lonely as can be. Just really wondering why I’m not involved, you know?”

While on hand, the adorable couple also discusses their ill-fated attempt to participate in the Choco Challenge. That’s when Shepard and Bell ate some chocolate laced with super-spicy peppers to raise awareness for prostate cancer research. 

Although the pair are fans of spicy food, they were not prepared for the just how hot this chocolate was, making for a hilarious video and a miserable night for the couple. The clip shows the pair downing glasses of milk and writhing in agony after eating the treat.

“Oh, it got much worse after stopped recording,” Shepard reveals on Ellen. “Things went south in a hurry… We did have to evacuate orally at some point. I don’t know the classy way to say it. And then sleeping was really rough. We were both really kicking around.”

Check out the hilarious visit above.