Kristin Cavallari on How Her and Jay Cutler's Roles Have Shifted Since He Left the NFL (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the reality star at her Little James Pop-Up on Saturday.

Kristin Cavallari's marriage is always evolving. 

ET's Katie Krause spoke with the reality star at her Little James collection Pop-Up in The Coast Lounge at Palisades Village on Saturday, where she opened up about how things have changed between her and husband Jay Cutler since he left the NFL. 

"It's been interesting. We've really completely shifted roles, so it's just been trying to navigate this new normal," Cavallari shared. "He's been great. I mean, obviously he's here with my three kids today and you know, this is not the first thing he wants to be doing so he's been great and I couldn't do it without him, truly."

"I think we make each other laugh," she expressed of how they've made their relationship work through the ups and downs of life. "I think that really can take you pretty far, and obviously trust is huge. We definitely have those two things, so that helps." 

The former Chicago Bears quarterback officially retired after the 2017 season, after which he's spent a lot more time at home with Cavallari and their kids. The couple are parents to three children, 6-year-old Camden, 4-year-old Jaxon and 3-year-old Saylor, who Cavallari wants to keep off her E! reality series, Very Cavallari. Cutler, however, has become somewhat of a breakout star. 

"[People are] obsessed. He's the reality star we never knew we needed," joked Cavallari, who has been on reality TV since Laguna Beach premiered in 2004. "I think I think everyone was a little surprised!"

"But I think he's having a really positive reaction, which is nice, and people are finally getting to see the real Jay," she added. "So that's been really nice as well!"

The mom of three credits her husband for bringing a lot of comedy to the series, which she says will be balanced with a lot of "heart" as the rest of season two airs. 

"I opened up a lot more this season than I did the first season and I talk about some very real things that are going on in my life," she said, teasing that viewers will have to "see" what she's talking about. "It's a little scary to be in this vulnerable place, but I ultimately hope that people can relate and if they are going through some of the same stuff, that's all that matters."

For now, Cavallari is focused on Little James, after running the collection's Palisades pop-up from Saturday to Monday. 

"I really saw the need to have a collection that marries both what mom and dad want their kids to wear with what kids actually want to wear, because usually there's a huge gap between the two," she explained. "So, I really do ask my kids' opinion on every single item."

"They're also my fit models, so they're really involved," Cavallari continued, laughing. "They don't necessarily love that part. I'm like, 'Please, just stand still for two minutes!'" 

The blonde beauty is hoping to expand the Uncommon James collection over the next five years, to the point where it could live on without her everyday input. 

"I've kind of been toying with the idea of potentially selling my company, which is not even something I thought about when I started the company because I loved it. But now it's kind of becoming a very real thing. So, in five years, I would love to have that option," she admitted. "It would be a tough decision for me, but we'll see. I'm really enjoying it. I'm really loving it. I feel like were getting the corporate side of things into a really great spot now. So I'm excited about the future."

See more on Cavallari in the video below.