Kristin Cavallari Recalls Date With an Actor Who Tried to Reenact a Stunt From One of His Movies

The 'Laguna Beach' alum said this was part of her last date, which happened two months ago.

Kristin Cavallari is opening up about the last date she went on, and it was a complete mess. Literally.

The Laguna Beach alum dished the deets on the Call Her Daddy podcast and shared that her last date, around two months ago, was with an actor who shared that he does his own stunts. Problem was, this actor guzzled so much booze on their date that he bizarrely felt the need to reenact one of his stunts for Cavallari to see.

As she tells it, the date was in L.A. at the trendy bar/restaurant Laurel Hardware on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. She says they headed to the bar, and things went downhill from there.

"So he was slamming drinks. Like, slamming drinks," she said. "And then, at one point, he was telling me how he does his own stunts. We were sitting at the bar. It was f**king packed. He gets up to reenact a stunt he had done. Absolutely runs into the waiter."

Cavallari, 35, said the actor apologized to the waiter, but all she could think was, "Please sit the f**k down" because he was "creating all this commotion in the middle of Laurel Hardware."

Cavallari said she knows by now she should limit her dates to drinks only. And that was the initial plan with this actor but, because she's "too f**king nice," she still ended up having dinner with him.

"Like, what am I doing?!" she quipped.

Suffice it to say, they never went on another date, not that the actor in question didn't continue shooting his shot.

"He texted me a couple of times," Cavallari said. "And I can't just ghost someone, but I gave him a one-word response."

Cavallari probably should have adhered to her rule to NOT date actors. She prefaced the actor-date story saying exactly that, a notion she developed since her early 20s at the height of Laguna Beach.

"I went out with a few and I was like, 'They're the worst,'" she said.

While recalling this date, Cavallari also told the story about a date she went on in her early 20s. The problem with that date? He was vegan and sober, much to Cavallari's chagrin who said she loves meat and drinks. Nevertheless, they ended up back at his place, and she said they made out on his bed before she told him she had an early morning the next day.

Cavallari then explained that she got in her car, changed outfits and headed to celebrity hot spot Hyde Sunset, where she was inevitably photographed by paparazzi. Cavallari said the man confronted her about it.

"The next day he was like, 'My friends saw you at Hyde,'" she explained. "I was like, 'Oh! Really?!' I felt so bad. And he's really cute, but, like, at that time in my life I'm eating meat and I'm drinking a lot of alcohol. We can't do this."