Kristin Cavallari Says She Finds Dates in Her DMs, Reveals Why She Avoids Botox and Filler

The reality star split from Jay Cutler in 2020.

Kristin Cavallari is opening up about her dating life. The 35-year-old Uncommon James founder appeared on the latest episode of Dear Media's Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, and revealed that, following her 2020 divorce from Jay Cutler, she gets many of her dates through her DMs.

"I've actually been on quite a few dates. People have set me up, mutual friends. My DMs have essentially been my dating app," she said, before sharing that she only goes for verified guys online because she can't filter through all of her messages.

After her and Cutler's split, Cavallari dated a man for five or six months, though they never went public with their relationship.

"It was in the height of COVID and we literally didn't go anywhere, which was such a blessing in disguise," she said. "I know how to keep things under wraps... There's a way to navigate around it if you really want to."

When that relationship ended, Cavallari began dating Jeff Dye, whom she met online.

"He asked me to come on his podcast... and I thought he was cute, so I was like, 'All right, I'll do this podcast,'" Cavallari recalled. "And then I never did the podcast, but we ended up hanging out."

The press was quick to catch on to her relationship, which wasn't ideal for Cavallari.

"The Jeff thing came out immediately," she said. "I think it was the first time we actually ever hung out. Ideally in my perfect world, there would be a couple months without people knowing, so that I can get to know somebody."

Though things didn't work out with Dye, Cavallari doesn't have anything negative to say about her ex.

"He was the perfect guy right after Jay, because he was funny and was so sweet to me. We honestly just had a lot of fun," she said. "He loved me and it was so great. He is gorgeous in person. His pictures do not do him justice. He's a really good guy. He has a really big heart. It was great."

After splitting from Dye, Cavallari "didn't date at all for a while," before entering the dating world again in March. Recently, Cavallari revealed, she ended a months-long romance, though it was never official.

"I was dating someone for a couple months, but I continued to go on other dates," she said before describing her perfect man.

"In my head, my ideal guy is a businessman who no one knows," she said. "I have gone on a date with a businessman in Nashville, actually. We'll see. I don't like people that often, and I'm pretty picky, I guess, but I'm not gonna settle. I'm gonna stay picky."

Cavallari has been able to find the time to date, as her and Cutler's three kids -- Camden, 9, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 6 -- split time between their parents' houses.

"Every Thursday night, 'cause we switch every Friday, it's hard. I go from my house being complete chaos to it being dead quiet. It's an adjustment every single week," Cavallari said, before sharing the "good things" about the situation.

"I've gotten my social life back. I've seen my friends, I'm able to travel. I've gotten my me time back. I'm able to take really good care of myself now, physically, mentally, emotionally, because I don't have my kids for a week," she said. "And then when I do have them, I'm ready. I am -- I hope -- super mom and I am energized and ready to go. I think that in a lot of ways it has been a very good thing."

One way she's taking care of herself is by not partaking in Botox or fillers, after a negative experience with Dysport.

"The only thing I've ever done -- and it was in the height of COVID, thank god -- I did Dysport under my eyes. I f**king hated it. I was like, 'This is why I don't do this stuff,'" she said. "I felt like [when I] smiled it got rid of these lines, but it made the bags under my eyes more prominent. I look at photos from that, like, six-month period and I'm like, 'Ugh, I can't look at it.' I'm very animated. I need my face to move. I have fine lines. I do, but they don't bother me."

In addition to happily accepting the lines she does have, Cavallari opts out of the treatment because no one really knows "the long-term effects" of it.

"To me, your face is a muscle, and so instead of freezing it, I think you should work it out, the same way you would any other muscle," she said. "That's why, like, the electric current devices, I think, are great. They'll get that face moving."

Also, Cavallari noted, she's wary of getting "carried away" with the injections.

"What I think happens is you start comparing yourself to your last dosage, and so you're no longer comparing yourself to your base when you started getting Botox or filler or whatever," she said. "You keep going and going and going, and then all of a sudden, your face looks crazy."

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