'KUWTK': Tensions Flare Between Kourtney and Her Sisters Over Hosting Christmas Morning

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Kourtney Kardashian hasn't exactly been vibing with her sisters over the past few seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and a few episodes back, the tensions among everyone on the show led to Kourtney stepping back from production.

After two weeks with no Kourtney in sight, she made a few brief appearances last week, and on Thursday's new KUWTK, she returned to the series in a primary role and managed to stir up drama almost immediately.

This time around, the catalyst for a small war within the Kardashian–Jenner family was Kim's announcement that she didn't want to host the annual Christmas Eve party at her house this year.

It's important to understand that, for the family, Christmas Eve is a big deal. As the family matriarch, Kris has hosted the party for decades, and when Kim finally asked to take over the responsibility a few years back, it was a big deal for Kris to give up the reins. There were tears and everything.

So, Kim decided to wait until Kourtney threw a party for her lifestyle brand, Poosh, to break the news, knowing that Kris wouldn't cause a scene at a party.

That being said, Kris wasn't thrilled when Kim told her she didn't want to do it this year.

"That was an honor to pass that down to you," Kris said, looking shocked. "Do you know how emotional that was for me?"

However, Kris isn't one to dwell when there's work to be done, and she quickly jumped back into damage control.

"Usually, we start planning months in advance for our party," Kris told the KUWTK cameras. "So I'm getting a little freaked out… since Christmas is right around the corner."

However, Kris came up with a plan, which was to ask Kourtney to host the grand celebration at her house instead.

"I think the perfect solution is if Kourtney wanted to volunteer for Christmas Eve," Kris said, as the family gathered for brunch. "There's nobody who loves Christmas as much as me, except Kourtney. I think she's the perfect candidate."

The drama, however, didn't come from Kris asking Kourtney to host the Christmas Eve party, which Kourtney was totally down for. Tensions flared when Kris then suggested that Kylie could take over planning the Christmas morning family get-together, which has been Kourtney's job for years. She wasn't willing to entertain that idea for even a moment.

"I'm not not doing Christmas morning. That's what I care about," Kourtney stated, bluntly. "Kylie's will be too over the top… and I don't want that. I like a homey vibe... I can't imagine spending my Christmas morning there."

For years, the Kardashian–Jenner sisters have been going over to Kourtney's house on Christmas morning, and all the kids and cousins all open presents at the same time, from under Kourtney's giant tree, and it's a tradition she cares about deeply.

"I will absolutely do both, but I will not give up Christmas morning," Kourtney added.

She went on to say that she doesn't' "give a f**k" if everybody else wants to go to Kylie's, but she and her kids will be celebrating at their own house.

Kylie wasn't at the big breakfast discussion and ended up coming over to have a family chat later on, where she explained why she wanted to host Christmas morning -- because she wants the magic of the day for her little girl, Stormi.

"It just doesn't make sense that Santa only goes to Kourtney's house," Kylie said, arguing her side. "The best part about Christmas morning was that Santa comes to your house."

"I'm torn on it," Kim weighed in. "Just because I want us to be all together, but North is saying, 'Why doesn't Santa come to our house? This is so crazy. He only goes to Auntie Kourtney's house.'"

Ultimately, a truce was decided on: Every sister would celebrate early, with presents, at their own houses, and then come together for a big family brunch at Kourtney's place. But even that didn't ease some of Kourtney's issues with how to prepare both the Christmas Eve party and the brunch.

Specifically, she didn't want the brunch to be a big production, with waiters and premade food and caterers, much to her mom's and sister Khloé's chagrin.

"I've already agreed with the idea of everyone doing Christmas presents at their own houses, but Christmas morning is mine, and I want a really cozy, intimate moment with us and the kids," Kourtney explained.  I don't want servers there, I don't want housekeepers there. I don't want chefs there… I really want it to be just really special, like how we grew up."

Sitting down with Khloé and Kris, it was clear how annoyed they were with her -- to the degree that Kris could hardly contain her eye-rolling. 

However, the mood changed quickly when the party planners arrived to talk to Kris, Khloé and Kourtney about their ideas for the Christmas Eve party, and Kourtney was incredibly receptive to all the possibilities being pitched.

"I feel kinda bad for picking on Kourtney because she really stepped in and saved Christmas Eve when Kim wouldn't do it," Khloé said in a confessional interview alongside Kris. "As much as we're going in on her about all the things we need and want, she's actually being really open to everything and wanting to make everyone happy, which is a really great sign and really nice of her to do all that."

"Because we're kind of f**king annoying," Khloé added with a laugh. "We are some obnoxious motherf**kers."

In the end, the Christmas Eve party went great and was yet another in a long line of successful, over-the-top Kardashian–Jenner family celebrations. Things went equally well with Christmas morning, as all the family members came together for a nice, low-key brunch after spending the early hours with their own children.

"I loved it. I loved the new tradition," Kourtney shared as they all smiled around her dining room table. "We all have our own families, and we can all do our own Christmas morning, then we can come together and really have that quality family time. It honestly makes me kind of happy."

Check out the video below for more on the sibling drama that defined the first half of the 18th Keeping Up With the Kardashians season.


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