Kylie Jenner Faces Backlash Again After Fans Criticize the Way She Washes Her Face

Kylie Jenner Parties In Pink at Skincare Launch Party

The reality star is receiving heat after a video of herself washing her face was posted to her new Kylie Skin social accounts.

Kylie Jenner is facing some criticism for the way she washes her face.

On Wednesday, the makeup mogul appeared in a filtered video posted to the official Twitter and Instagram accounts of her new Kylie Skin line, showing fans how to use the foaming cleanser. But now, some are wondering whether they can trust the reality star's beauty tips.

In the 30-second clip, Kylie can be seen applying the "morning and night" face wash to her skin, but only washes her face for 10 seconds. She then rinses and wipes her face dry with a towel, leaving behind some residue. Fans quickly began calling the reality star out, arguing that she didn't wash her skin long enough to remove all the makeup.

"You washed your face for two seconds. You're using a filter. You still had makeup come off on the damn towel," one angry viewer replied to the tweet. "LEARN HOW TO WASH YOUR FACE. God damn. How hard is this? Basic hygiene y’all."

"Imagine buying face wash from someone who doesn't even know how to wash their face properly," another wrote.

Watch below:

Kylie has yet to respond to any of the comments, but has already faced backlash for the new skincare line that launched earlier this month and also includes vanilla milk toner, serum, face moisturizer, eye cream and a scrub.

Last week, some people specifically called out the walnut face scrub after Kylie posted a video saying, "It's really gentle. It's gentle enough to use every day."

"Some walnut face scrubs are kind of harsh on the skin. This isn't too abrasive," she continued. "It really leaves my face feeling super baby soft. Makes you look glowy and takes away dead skin cells. My walnut face scrub is my secret to a fresh face."

Beauty lovers weren't convinced, however. "Walnut is so bad for your skin long term and that is well known," one user argued. "This does not give me hope for the rest of the products because it means they didn’t do the bare minimum research."

Hear more reactions in the video below: