Kylie Jenner Reveals Her Biggest Pregnancy Craving, Says She Gained '40 lbs'

She answered some fan pregnancy questions on Twitter on Sunday.

Kylie Jenner was an open book on Sunday. The 20-year-old reality star took to Twitter to answer some fan questions about her pregnancy after writing, “Sundays with Stormi.”

Kylie opened up about her little girl in several posts.

“She hasn’t laughed yet,” Kylie noted. “but she smiles A LOT.”

The new mom also shared a common concern, writing, “Omg can’t wait to watch her grow but don’t want her to at the same time!”

When a fan asked about her favorite feature of her little girl, Kylie replied, “Well all of her! But her little toes get me every time.”

Of her pregnancy, Kylie noted she has “tons” of maternity photos, teasing, “Maybe I’ll share one day.”

In a tweet she has since deleted, Kylie noted she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy, adding a face palm emoji.


“There really was no worst part! Probably not being able to eat sushi lol. I had such a perfect experience. She moved a lot,” Kylie wrote. She also opened up about her unique pregnancy craving, writing, “Eggos!!! I never liked them before I was pregnant & haven’t had one since I had her. So strange! Lol.”

After giving birth Kylie had one special food request – “the bread from Craig’s! I had it waiting for me lol.”

Kylie added that she wasn’t afraid to be pregnant and that her momager, Kris Jenner was “sooo supportive.” She couldn’t seem to remember which of her sisters she told she was pregnant first, noting, “I think it was Khloe! Maybe Kourtney.”

The cosmetics queen said her bestie, Jordyn Woods, had the best reaction to the news, revealing, “She said ‘ok well I guess we’re both having a baby.’ Real one.”

Kylie also gushed over her boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott, calling him “the best” with their daughter. She added that the couple, "Thought we were gonna have a boy! I was soooo surprised!"

When one fan asked if Stormi and her cousin, Chicago West, were already besties, Kylie replied, “yes” with a smiley face.

Kylie shared new photos of Stormi with her great grandmother Mary Jo on Sunday. Watch the clip below for more from the new mom!


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