Kylie Jenner Reveals Who Her and Travis Scott's Daughter Stormi Takes After

The couple welcomed their first child in February 2018.

Kylie Jenner is gushing over her daughter!

In a sneak peek clip of the upcoming season premiere of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kylie and her mom, Kris Jenner, stop by to discuss Stormi, Kylie's 1-year-old daughter with rapper Travis Scott.

"She's the perfect mixture of both us," Kylie shares of Stormi, with whom she and Travis recently posed with on the red carpet of his Netflix documentary, Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly. "She's definitely, like, a little rager. She loves music."

"She was dancing in the dressing room to all of you guys dancing," Kris cuts in. "She couldn't take her eyes off the screen."

"It's so cute," Kylie exclaims, before revealing that Stormi frequently reminds Kris of her youngest child.

"She is like a little Kylie. It's really wild," Kris says. "It's, like, sometimes she looks at you and I have to remind myself, 'No, that's my granddaughter, not Kylie,' for two seconds it catches me off guard."

Kylie also discusses her billionaire status during the sit down, joking about how her family responded to her incredible success.

"It's only when we're in a group chat talking about if we should go on a trip and everybody's like, 'Kylie? You gonna pay for it?' Just stuff like that," Kylie reveals of when her famous family teases her. "But they just joke with me. Just sister love. But they're all really proud of me for sure."

After Ellen asks if they really expect Kylie to foot the bill, Kris quips, "No. Just my stuff."

The Ellen DeGeneres Show returns Sept. 9. 





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