Kylie Jenner Weighs In After Kanye West's Spat With Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The reality star is sticking up for her man.

Kylie Jenner is shutting down swirling rumors that her boyfriend Travis Scott is in the midst of a feud with her brother-in-law Kanye West.

The Keeping up with the Kardashians star took to Twitter late Saturday night to push back at a fan who believed Scott was showing his support for Drake during his feud with West. 

“Travis Scott is my kinda petty,” the fan captioned a side-by-side of Scott wearing a sweatshirt featuring a Nike design (as fans know Scott and Drake work with Nike, while West has a deal with Adidas). And West Dec. 14 tweet stating, “Meeting with Trav tonight bet it never be a checks over stripes line again on a Trav song on Donda.”

“He’s not being petty,” Kylie wrote back. "This is a sweatshirt design (the sock is part of the design). Everyone is good, moved on, living life. For anyone who wasn’t aware — Travis has had a deal [with] Nike and still does. Point is.. it’s all been talked out. It’s only positive energy.”

This whole supposed feud between Scott and West can be traced back to Scott’s collaboration with Drake, “Sicko Mode” where the Toronto artist took some perceived-sly shots at West.

Before and since West’s aforementioned tweet, he was ranting about bad blood with Scott.

"How you gone be on Trav’s song coming at me. Trav should have never allowed that," he tweeted at Drake on Dec. 13. "It’s not about rap, it’s about family. We have to be close as a family and never let people infiltrate just for radio spins.”

Later that day, he added, “I hit Trav earlier today. Now he just hit me. More threats.”

Finally on Saturday, West wrote, “Met with Trav at my crib this morning. We expressed ourselves. It’s all love.”

In his tweets, West also claims Drake threatened him in a recent phone call, which Kim Kardashian addressed on Twitter.

"Never threaten my husband or our family,” she wrote. “He paved the way for there to be a Drake."

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