Lady Gaga Raves About Bradley Cooper's 'Beautiful' Singing Voice in 'A Star Is Born' (Exclusive)

Cooper has a musical fan in one of the world's biggest pop stars!

Lady Gaga can’t get enough of Bradley Cooper’s “beautiful” singing voice!

The GRAMMY-winning songstress was full of praise for the actor’s vocal abilities as the two celebrated the Los Angeles premiere of their new film, A Star Is Born, at the Shrine Auditorium on Monday evening.

“His performance in this film is out of this world,” Gaga told ET's Keltie Knight. “And I loved singing with him as well. His voice is beautiful!”

Gaga also gushed about 43-year-old Cooper, who starred in and directed the film, while responding to the fantastic critical reception the movie has received so far.

"I'm just extremely humbled and grateful,” the 32-year-old “Poker Face” singer said. “Bradley is a visionary human being. He has such an eye for creating an atmosphere of liberation and talent. He believed in me. You know, 100 people can be in a room, and 99 don't believe in you. If just one person believes in you, it can change everything. He believed in me and I'm so grateful to him for that.”

The film is the latest remake of the 1937 movie and features Cooper starring as a musician whose relationship with up-and-coming singer Ally (Gaga) becomes strained when her career starts to overshadow his

Gaga looked stunning at the premiere, wearing a spectacularly flowing silver Givenchy gown.

"I just had a vision for silver lace, and Givenchy did a beautiful job,” she explained of the look. “They were so wonderful."

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

ET also quizzed the blonde beauty on reports that her mom, Cynthia Germanotta, has been in talks to join the Real Housewives of New York.

“I’m trying to get Cynthia to join the show,” cast member Dorinda Medley, reportedly said at the Tribeca TV Festival last week.

Responding to the news, Gaga confirmed she’s a Housewives fan, but wasn’t aware of her mom’s potential involvement.

"I have not heard about that,” she said with a laugh. “I will have to speak with my mother."

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