Lady Gaga's Dogwalker Describes Night He Was Shot by Dognappers 

Gayle King speaks with Ryan Fischer in his first television interview since the traumatizing incident.

Lady Gaga's dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, is recalling the traumatizing night he almost died while walking the singer's three French bulldogs.

The incident occurred in Los Angeles in February. Fischer was shot while walking Gaga's three dogs -- Gustav, Koji and Asia -- in a dognapping. Gustav and Koji were taken at the site, but later returned to authorities. Fischer was hospitalized, spending several days in the ICU before being discharged in late March. He ended up requiring surgery to repair his lung, which had been severely damaged in the shooting.

In his first television interview since the incident, Fischer speaks to CBS Mornings' Gayle King and recalls the horrific incident. 

"It was a severe one shot," he says about his injury in a preview that dropped Thursday of the interview. "And when I went back, because I had to go back to the hospital a second time to have the surgery because my lung had collapsed, the people in the ER who I'd seen that night told me that they didn't think I was gonna survive that night," he said. "And I had felt that, because I was very awake during, while they were operating on me that night. But just to hear them say it, it was, it makes it more real." 

The full interview airs Friday on CBS Mornings. King noted of Fischer, "He's been through a lot, guys. ... He's been through a lot of trauma and a lot of drama. He really is on a healing journey. We've been trying to talk to him for a very long time and he hasn't been ready to talk, really, until now."

In August, Fischer started a GoFundMe campaign, trying to raise $40,000 to help him complete a spiritual cross-country road trip he had undertaken to recover emotionally and physically. The GoFundMe campaign created some controversy, with some criticizing Fischer for asking for financial help while some criticized Gaga for not supporting him after the incident. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fischer said that wasn't his intention and that he's on good terms with his former employers -- Gaga and her team -- noting, "They're my friends, and I love them and they're absolutely there for me."

"I have nothing but gratitude for everything," he added. "It's just a weird situation just because of how it's evolved in the media. But I'm very grateful for my friendships. I received so much support, and I'm so grateful. I have nothing but gratitude in my heart for the care that I received and the support I received. Most [victims] of crime do not get that and I did, and I'm very grateful for that."

In Instagram posts on Thursday, Fischer thanked King for the interview, and said that his GoFundMe money had been raised. 

"So looking forward to getting back on the road soon and making bizarre videos in strange spots, exploring spirituality, healing through trauma, and continuing on this journey…. Because the money has been raised!!!!" he wrote. "I can’t express my gratitude enough for everyone’s support through all the highs and lows and for the gofundme. Everyday I get a little choked up and humbled by your love🙏🏼🥲. Now onward to sharing in the adventure and getting that van!!!!! And if it’s your birthday, well a very very happy birthday to you 😉😘."