Lainey Wilson Says TV is 'Crazier' Than Music Business Amid 'Yellowstone' Uncertainty (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the singer and actress at the 2023 Stagecoach Festival on Sunday.

Lainey Wilson wants to come back to Yellowstone -- but she still needs to get that all-important call.

The country singer -- who made her acting debut on the popular drama -- spoke with ET's Cassie DiLaura on Sunday morning, ahead of her performance at the 2023 Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California.

Many of Wilson's Yellowstone co-stars were in attendance at the star-studded country music festival, and Wilson marveled at how supportive and welcoming everyone in the cast has been since she made her screen debut as Abby in the show's fifth season.

"It's crazy, you know? They've honestly just welcomed me with open arms. They have just treated me like one of their own," Wilson shared. "I didn't really know what to expect, especially the first day of set, but they treated me with respect."

"I started out doing music, and that's always going to be my focus. That's my way of expressing myself," she explained, "and they have a different way of expressing themselves and being creative. But [there] was this mutual respect for each other."

While Wilson has been outspoken for her love of the cast and the show, she's still unsure of where she stands when it comes to the future of her character.

The show itself has reportedly been struggling with behind-the-scenes turmoil, with reports of rifts and friction between the series' star, Kevin Costner, and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. The future of the show seems to still be unclear, and Wilson says she hopes to get some sort of update from Sheridan himself, who was at Stagecoach on Sunday.

"I'm planning on getting an update today," Wilson said. "It's wild."

"Like, just tell me when, man," she added with a laugh. "Yeah, I have no clue what's going on... I'm waiting on that phone call."

"I feel like I've learned that TV business is even crazier than the music business," she shared. "And that's the truth."

While Wilson waits for the Yellowstone uncertainty to shake out, she's going to be hitting the road on a tour with longtime friend Luke Combs.

The singer says she's excited for the upcoming shows, and reflected on her long history with the "Going, Going, Gone" singer.

"He is exactly who he was as who he is now. I mean, he has not changed a bit," Wilson shared. "He might have a little more money in the bank, but he is still the same old guy. He just got a good heart."

"I knew immediately when I met Luke Combs back in, I think it was 2014, that he was special and he had something to say and it's so crazy to see what's happened for him and his career," she added. "It couldn't have happened to a better person."