Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan Are 'Working Things Out' After 'Not Seeing Eye to Eye,' Source Says

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan
Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for CARBONE BEACH presented by American Express

Breakup rumors recently swirled around the couple.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are working on their relationship. Though multiple outlets reported earlier this month that the pair had called it quits, a source tells ET that they never broke up, but instead "took a beat" from one another after not seeing eye to eye on a couple issues in their relationship.

"They realized after a few days apart they want each other in their lives and are now working things out," the source says of the couple, who was first linked in 2022.

Days after Pippen and Jordan wiped their Instagram accounts of each other, they were photographed walking side-by-side. The quick turnaround prompted Pippen's Real Housewives of Miami co-stars to question if the relationship itself was ever real.

On iHeartMedia's Ay Por Favor podcast, Alexia Nepola alleged that Pippen and Jordan's relationship was a "marketing stunt." Marysol Patton agreed, saying, "I'm starting to feel like we've all been scammed."

As for the reconciliation photos, Nepola said, "It was so staged... Everyone knows it's staged. This is why we're even talking about it, because it's so ridiculous at this point."

"I feel like it was a publicity stunt and that pisses me off," Patton added. "... Now that I'm looking at the whole thing and the timing and everything... I'm like, 'I think this smells like a scam... Oh my god, is she playing all of us?' That upsets me."

Meanwhile, Pippen tells ET that there is "no truth to their commentary," adding, "It is unfortunate that they would criticize a very personal matter that affects me and my family."

ET's source also notes that Pippen finds it "incredibly hurtful" that her supposed friends from the show would speculate on her relationship on their podcast when they were aware that she and Jordan weren't in the greatest place at the time.

"Friends don't do that," ET's source says, noting Pippen found Patton questioning of the entire relationship as "a sham" to be the most painful comment.

"Why would Larsa need any publicity? She has no problem getting press and wouldn't fake a breakup just to get headlines," the source says. "Her co-stars are now using her to get press for their podcast. And they should know better. They live in the thinnest of glass houses."