'Last Man Standing' Sneak Peek: Mike Is Against the Idea of Hosting an Exchange Student (Exclusive)


Is Mike Baxter opening up his home?

On Friday's episode of Last Man Standing, titled "One Flew Into the Empty Nest," Mike's wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis), introduces the idea of boarding a foreign exchange student at their home after attending a fundraiser. 

"You'll be happy to know, I didn't give them any money... because what they really need are places for the exchange students to stay," Vanessa says excitedly in ET's exclusive sneak peek. 

"And I just jumped off the cliff," Mike (Tim Allen) mutters, as he puts away the dishes in the dishwasher, knowing what's about to come next.

Vanessa proceeds to sell Mike on an "amazing" girl from Hong Kong named Jen (guest star Krista Marie Yu), whom she says she has "so much in common" -- prompting Mike to curmudgeonly quip, "What? She's married to a wonderful man who likes his life just the way it is?"

When she introduces the idea to Mike that they offer Jen a place to stay next semester, Mike doesn't even hesitate to share his answer: "Nope!"

"A student from another country needs a home and your response is 'nope'?" Vanessa asks, disappointed.

"Yup," Mike says, not budging. "We're this close to having the house by ourselves. You want to ruin that?" 

While you surely can't blame Mike for wanting to enjoy his home with his family, Vanessa brings up the fact that because he's been busier at work, it'd be nice to have company around the house while he's away. It's apparent that Mike won't be winning this argument if Vanessa has anything to do with it. 

Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek below.

ET recently caught up with Molly McCook, who plays the new Mandy Baxter, and she opened up about playing one of Allen's daughters on the Fox sitcom.

"It’s been really surreal. Intimidating is the exact word that I would use for coming into this experience altogether, not only because it was an established family for six seasons but also because Tim Allen has been such a massive part of my entire life. My favorite Christmas movie of all time is The Santa Clause, so there was an odd thing I had to get past once I started working with him," McCook recalled. "The moment was actually after our first show. We did our bows and we were heading back and everybody was saying, 'Great show.' Tim hugged me and he said, 'Welcome aboard,' and I heard Buzz Lightyear. I never told him that. I don’t listen or look at him and think of Buzz Lightyear, but it was one of those things where I was like, wow, nothing is cooler than Buzz Lightyear welcoming you aboard. That was pretty cool."

Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


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