Laura Marano Says 'Lovely' 'Perfect Date' Co-Star Noah Centineo 'Hasn't Changed' Since He Was 15 (Exclusive)

"He really hasn't changed his loveliness and nice personality."

Laura Marano and Noah Centineo go way back!

ET Live's Cassie DiLaura and Jason Carter caught up with Marano earlier this week and she gushed about reuniting with Centineo, seven years after he guest starred on her Disney Channel show, Austin and Ally, for Netflix's The Perfect Date.

"He's just, like, the loveliest guy. He has been since he's been 15," she said of the 22-year-old To All the Boys I've Loved Before star. "... We've been there for each other since the beginning. It was so sweet, when we were working on The Perfect Date he kept saying to people... 'Laura's show's the reason I moved to L.A.' But he was definitely making it seem like it was because of my power and I will assure you, I have, like, no power. But I was like, 'Aw, Noah.'"

"He's so lovely," she added. "And he really hasn't changed his loveliness and nice personality since he was 15."

In addition to "his loveliness," Centineo also hasn't changed his hilariously bad on-screen dance skills, which were tested in both Austin and Ally and The Perfect Date.

"It was so much fun," Marano, 23, said of reuniting with Centineo. "... One of the things we did on Austin and Ally was awkwardly dance together, which, not planned at all and very coincidental, we do in The Perfect Date. So, it was really fun kind of making that come alive again."

Ahead of the release of The Perfect Date -- which follows Centineo as a high schooler who creates an app where he offers up his services as a perfect fake date -- Centineo and Marano have been on a press tour, which has featured no shortage of fun moments, one of which happened when they were asked about what a real-life perfect date would be for them.

"We got asked that question and I had my answer -- ... it involved a barista at a book cafe, don't worry about it -- and then later in the day we were, like, testing each other and each other's knowledge of what our perfect date would be of the other person and Noah's like, 'Well, I think Laura's perfect date would be a barista with a book cafe,'" Marano recalled. "And I was like, 'Noah! You just heard me say that like literally a few hours ago. You can't play off, like, you just knew exactly what to say.' But it was pretty amazing."

Marano said, in actuality, her real-life perfect date would be something low-key and on the beach.

"I think any date with a person with love in their heart is a perfect date," she quipped with a wink to camera. "... I'm a chill girl. I love chill, to be honest. So anything that's not super intense, but probably also involves the beach is definitely my perfect date. I'm a beach girl as well."

Marano, who warned fans off of making "different assumptions" based on the Perfect Date trailer, also has two songs featured in the film, following the release of her EP, Me, which dropped back in March.

"I have actually, like, two songs in The Perfect Date, which is, like, pretty cool," she said. "... So, I'm really excited to kind of, like, just be making more music and more videos and visual content for it."

As for returning to her roots as Ally Dawson, Marano said she's "always down" for a revival.

"I've always been down. It was, like, the best cast and the best group of people," she revealed. "... I have no power in the situation, [but] I'm super into it for sure."

The Perfect Date hits Netflix on April 12. Here's more on the flick.



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