Laura Pausini Performing at 2022 Premio Lo Nuestro, Teases What to Expect (Exclusive)

Laura Pausini
Omar Cruz

The singer opens up to ET about her performance and teases what to expect.

Laura Pausini is headed to Premio Lo Nuestro.

ET can exclusively announce that the Italian singer will be performing her latest single, "Caja," during the 2022 awards ceremony taking place on Feb. 24. Pausini will be delivering a sensational performance from a very special location.

"What will be exciting is that I will perform the song from Rome, Italy. This is the first time I’ve done something like this," Pausini tells ET. "And I’m happy Univision thought it was a great treat for the fans and the audience watching the show. I honestly can’t wait to show everybody a special part of my beautiful country."

And while she shares that she always gets nervous before performing, "Once I hit the stage it's pure magic, I love it!"

Pausini says that she enjoys being part of the creative aspect of her performances and she's "very much involved."

"I like being part of the creative process and giving my input about the performance. The most important thing for my team and me is to make sure we give my fans the best, be it music, concerts, or anything we do," she expresses.

"'Caja' has a musical production that combines electronic with classic sounds and it will be the same for the performance you’ll see at Premio Lo Nuestro," she continues. "I want you to see my country and its history combined with something super modern that I think you’ve never ever seen this way."

"Caja" is a very special song for Pausini, as it's the main theme for her first ever movie, Laura Pausini - Pleased to Meet You, to be released April 7 on Prime Video.

"The message within the song and the movie talks about what would have happened if I hadn’t won San Remo Festival, which completely changed my life and sparked the successful career I’m privileged to have," Pausini explains. "What would have happened to me if I had just continued on another path? So what I want people to take away is the importance of, no matter what, being true to ourselves, being brave and taking risks. You never know what can happen, and only if you try it and go for it, will you truly know if it was meant to be."

Omar Cruz

The past two years, amid the pandemic, were transformational for Pausini, with music helping her during the rough times.

"I’ll be honest, and it affected me a lot like everybody else. I thought I wouldn’t be able to create anymore. I was so scared that I became numb. The fact that I always like to plan things and they kept being canceled was excruciating," she admits. "So for months, I just dedicated myself to my family, my daughter especially, and learned how to cope with what was happening, and it still is part of this new life we are living."

"Luckily, I was approached to work on 'Io Si' with Diane Warren, the main theme of the movie The Life Ahead starring the incomparable Sophia Loren, and for the first time in a long time, I felt happy and comfortable to be creative again," she continues. "That song went on to get the highest recognition, including a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination, so you can imagine the shock and the emotions that I felt were indescribable. It felt surreal that this was happening to me. After this, I went back to the studio and recorded 'Caja,' so it was an extraordinary time. I’m happy I could take the time to return stronger than ever."

While Pausini will be remote on the day of Premio Lo Nuestro, she notes that "it is always an honor to be asked to be part" of the celebration and share her music with the world. "I will miss my colleagues, but I’m sure we will be together very soon. I’m looking forward to sharing the song with everybody. It's a beautiful time of my life."

Hosted by Alejandra Espinoza, Yuri and Gabriel Soto, the 2022 Premio Lo Nuestro will air live from FTX Arena in Miami on Feb. 24 on Univision.