Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane Take ET Inside Their Nashville Home (Exclusive)

The couple went public with their relationship in November.

Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane are showing off their Nashville digs!

ET is in Nashville all this week with exclusive reporting on the biggest stars from CMA Fest, an inside look at Nashville's most iconic hotspots and exclusive content from the 2019 CMT Awards. While in Music City, ET caught up with the former Bachelor star and her country crooner beau at their home.

After showing off their bedroom, closet and the sweeping views of downtown Nashville, the cute couple couldn't help but gush over each other and their relationship. 

"She has definitely inspired me a lot in the writing room," Lane, 34, revealed. "Like, I've tried my hardest to write her the perfect song because she's perfect and I want to make the song perfect."

As for the things he loves about his 29-year-old girlfriend, her sense of humor ranks high on the list.

"She's hilarious. We have a very, I guess you could say the same sense of humor," he said. "We're both immature in a way. We laugh at the same immature stuff, but in a funny way."

"We're just both kind of goofy," Bushnell added, before revealing that her favorite thing about Lane is his heart.

"He has the biggest heart," she praised. "He's the most empathetic person in the entire world."

Following Bushnell's move to Nashville, the couple's relationship seems to have only gotten stronger and an engagement could be just around the corner.

"I feel like we are absolutely the most perfect match," Lane said. "So yes, I'm excited to get to that point and maybe it will be sooner than later. We will see."

While they're happy in their home, the pair are about to temporarily leave it behind as the musician hits the road to tour with Brad Paisley, with Bushnell by his side.

"She's learning that road life isn't all that it's cracked up to be sometimes," Lane said of Bushnell. 

"It's not the most glamorous," she agreed. "I thought he was just staying up late partying on the bus... but no. It's just difficult to sleep on the bus moving."

As for whether the couple will ever share their relationship with the world on a reality show, Bushnell admitted that she's hesitant, but revealed that they haven't ruled it out completely.

"I feel like that's a hard question because I'm definitely the most comfortable and the most myself I've ever felt, just being with Chris," Bushnell said. "And I'm in such a good place that you automatically kinda want to share that because you're just so excited and happy and all that, but I'm also very protective of the relationship. And I think when you do let everyone in, you let a TV crew and all that in, it can be a stresser on a relationship for sure."

"But I don't think we would necessarily let it affect our relationship," she continued. "I think it's just one of those things that I kinda do go back and forth about because I've had that experience. I think we would be open to it, but obviously our relationship always would have to come first."