Lauren Jauregui Says Rumors She Dated Camila Cabello Were 'So Traumatizing'

Lauren Jauregui Camila Cabello
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Lauren Jauregui is setting the record straight. The former Fifth Harmony singer was a guest on Becky G's podcast, En La Sala, where she touched on the years-long rumors that she and Camila Cabello were attracted to each other.

While the two were in the girl group together, many fans shipped them and speculated that they dated.

"People thought Camila and I were into each other and that made me so uncomfortable," Jauregui told Becky. "Like, disgustingly uncomfortable, because I was queer but she was not and it made me feel like a predator. It made me feel like a predator because the types of clips people would put together and the types of stories that people would write and the type of stuff, I was always the aggressor and I was always the one turning her. I was always the one who was the 'masculine' energy in the scenario and it made me very uncomfortable because that is not how I identify."

Jauregui made it clear that she and Cabello were just "very good friends." Their love for one another was just a genuine friendship. The singer added that being in that situation has made her "hyper-analyze every connection that I have with a girl."

"Because I don't want to make them feel like I am looking at them in that way,"  she continued. "To this day, [fans are] convinced that that was real."

While over the years she has learned to "just ignore it," Jauregui admitted that it was "so traumatizing" for her. "It really f**ked with my head because I wasn't even comfortable telling my parents about it. I wasn't even comfortable telling myself that I was queer. And I also, I didn't see Camila that way, so it made me uncomfortable that I could potentially be putting off that vibe."

Cabello would go on to leave Fifth Harmony in December 2016. Over the years, Jauregui -- who came out as queer that year -- has touched on the subject and dispelled rumors. In 2017, she replied to a fan tweeting, "you never quite become ok with people sexualizing you and your friendships for their sick pleasure."

Fifth Harmony went on hiatus in March 2018, with every member continuing with their solo projects.

ET spoke with Jauregui at the end of last year, where she talked about "diving into this creative process and really finding out who I am" with her music.

"Part of my identity is being Latina from Miami and I grew up speaking Spanglish in my home and Spanish in my home. So naturally the songwriting process, se involucró," she said in November. "I'm anxious to share some of my stuff because I'm just so excited about what I'm making and so ready to share it with the world."

A month later, she also told ET it's "a great vibe" whenever she runs into her former Fifth Harmony girls. Hear what she said in the video below.


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