Laurie Metcalf Reveals Which 'Roseanne' Co-Star Sent the Sweetest Note After Her Oscar Nomination (Exclusive)

Laurie Metcalf at oscars luncheon
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The 'Roseanne' star sat down with ET at the Oscars luncheon on Tuesday, where she also opened up about her first-time nomination.

Laurie Metcalf's real-life and TV families are both helping her celebrate her Oscar nomination!

The 62-year-old actress is up for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Marion McPherson in Lady Bird, and her Roseanne fam couldn't be more proud.

Metcalf, who is reprising her role as Jackie Harris in the upcoming Roseanne revival, revealed to ET's Carly Steel during the 90th Annual Academy Awards Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Monday that even though they had already finished shooting their nine reboot episodes when the Oscar announcements were made, her sitcom co-stars have all been very supportive.

"They all went to see the movie out of support and have sent me congratulations," she revealed. 

While Metcalf admitted that "everybody" sent fun messages to her, she conceded that she was especially touched by Roseanne Barr's note. 

"She was so sincere and said, 'I'm so proud of you and I'm rooting for you,'" the Getting On alum recalled.

As if her Roseanne crew wasn't supportive enough, she was surrounded by her Lady Bird ladies at the Oscar luncheon, which she admitted was an eye-opening afternoon.

"I had no idea what to expect [for the class photo]. I'm a newbie to all of this," she explained. "I've always seen the picture of everybody on the risers, but I never put it together in my head, like, how did they get up there? How did they get arranged? So, I had no idea that every single person -- 200 nominees -- were called individually by name up to the bleachers, and it was so cool that every single person was acknowledged by everybody else in the room."

"Whenever I'm in a room with Meryl Streep, that's a good day," she added.

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Lady Bird's writer-director, Greta Gerwig, was actually lucky enough to stand next to Ms. Streep in the pic!

"I talked to Greta a little bit, and she said that was fabulous," Metcalf said of Gerwig's class photo partner. "I've gotten to know some of the other actors because of doing events, and so it's just surreal to me that I can say, 'Hi, Octavia Spencer! Hi, Frances McDormand! Hi, Sam Rockwell.' We've never worked together but now [we] have something in common."

In fact, even though she's a star herself, Metcalf got to have a bit of a fangirl moment during the luncheon.

"I got to talk to Sam Rockwell on the red carpet and gush into his face about how wonderful and brilliant I thought that he was in Three Billboards [Outside Ebbing, Missouri]. I was blown away, 'cause I've been seeing him at events but I hadn't seen the movie yet, and so once I saw the movie, I like fought my way through the crowd to get to him and tell him how brilliant I thought that he was."

As for the 90th Oscars ceremony itself, which will be on March 4, Metcalf says Christian Siriano will be designing her dress and she's got a very special date lined up: her daughter, Zoe Perry.

"She's been really happy for me this past couple of years," the proud mom said of her oldest child. "I've had a lot of projects that have just fallen into my lap that have been beautiful pieces of writing -- that's where it all comes from -- and so the Lady Bird script was just like a Christmas gift."