Lea Michele Reflects on 'Unbelievable' First Year of Motherhood as Son Ever Turns 1

The actress shares her son, Ever, with her husband, Zandy Reich.

Lea Michele's baby boy is growing up! The 34-year-old actress took to Instagram on Thursday, one day ahead of her son, Ever's, first birthday, to celebrate the tot's first year of life and her first year as a mom. 

Michele shares Ever with her husband, Zandy Reich, with whom she tied the knot in 2019.

In honor of the special occasion, Michele shared pics that were taken on the beach. In one shot, she smiles at her son, whose back is to the camera. Another pic, this one black-and-white, has Ever in the same pose, as both of his parents loving cradle him.

"I can’t believe my son is turning 1 tomorrow. Even now saying the words 'my son' still feels so unbelievable,"  Michele began her caption. "All of the sayings are true- you will experience a type of love you have never felt before, you will forever be changed, it all goes so fast- they are all so true."

She continued her post by writing that her "beautiful boy" is the "greatest gift god has ever given me and your daddy."

"I love you so very much," she wrote to her son. "From your big brown eyes that look like mine to your curly blonde hair you got from your daddy. From the big smile you make when we say 'big smile!' to the way your little arms wrap around my neck for a hug."

"We love you more than you will ever know," Michele concluded. "Happy Birthday my sweet Ever. I love you.. forever and ever."