'Legacies' Creator Julie Plec Teases Hope's Future, New Characters & What's to Come in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Legacies Season 2
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Plec opened up to ET about what fans can expect in season two of the supernatural series.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched the Legacies season two premiere.

Season two of Legacies kicked off on Thursday, and fans have questions!

The first episode, titled "I'll Never Give Up Hope," saw Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) escape Malivore and return to Mystic Falls. However, she was distraught after realizing that her sacrifice to defeat Malivore meant that everyone's memory of her would be erased. It also definitely hurt when she saw that her boyfriend, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), had moved on with Josie (Kaylee Bryant). 

Elsewhere, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie continued to find out more about the merge and the ascendant, while their father, Alaric (Matthew Davis), tried to track down who it was that they have forgotten. It's going to be an exciting season two, Legacies creator Julie Plec tells ET, as she dives into what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes. 

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ET: We saw Hope get out of Malivore and back into the real world. Will she create a new persona for herself when interacting with others, or will she introduce herself as Hope and try and make people remember her?

Julie Plec: It's something that we get right into in the second episode when she has the opportunity to come clean, and we'll see what it is that she decides to do. And it's not going to be the same from person to person.

Why have it be different from person to person?

We just thought that there are certain things about Hope that are very mature and very sensible and very intelligent. And then [there are] parts of her that are emotional and impulsive, and we wanted to reflect those sides of her personality based on how she handles coming back into a world where no one knows who she is. 

Fans are obsessed with the "ships" on the show, what can you tease about Hope's upcoming personal relationships?

Hope ends last season willing to take a bullet, so to speak, for her friends, which is ironic because she began the first season not caring whether she had friends or not. And now that she has come all this way and really bonded and formed her squad, to be back in this world where her squad doesn't know she exists is painful for her and sets her back in an emotional place that she hasn't sunk in a long time. There's a lot of growth that she has to do there, working through what it feels like to not matter and to be alone. She has to learn how to deal with the loneliness that comes with the choices that she's made for herself. 

We know Freya (Riley Voelkel) is coming back. How was it having someone from The Originals cast be a part of Legacies? Will Freya remember Hope?

I can't answer the second part of the question, but I can say that I love being able to bring in characters from the first two shows [The Vampire Diaries and The Originals]. It's always great to see these actors again in our crew family, and no one was more beloved than Riley when we worked with her. To be able to have her again on our set was a big homecoming for everybody. 

Everyone wants to know, when will we see Hope's full tribrid come to life?

That appends to asking when Elena Gilbert will become a vampire, and the answer is: One day, certainly, but not anytime soon.   

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Josie and Lizzie are learning more about the ascendant. How much more will they learn about it and the Gemini coven, and will they get to interact with their uncle, Kai?

I would never admit that that was happening [laughs]. But what they do decide to do is, at the top of the next episode, they have agreed to not let themselves be consumed by the questions of the ascendant, knowing that the person that it leads to is so evil. So they each try to double down on living their lives in front of them, which sets them down their own independent paths and further away from each other. 

There are a lot of new characters this season. How will they change up the school dynamic?

We love introducing new characters into this world, because it's always fun having new humans interacting in our supernatural world and new supernaturals interacting with our human world. For example, in early episodes we have two new human kids in characters named Ethan (Leo Howard) and Maya (Bianca Santos). We'll meet them in the next episode. And we'll have a great new headmaster (Alexis Denisof), who comes in replacing Dr. Saltzman, who brings a whole new set of rules and ideas about how these kids should behave, and it shakes things up a lot. 

Is there a supporting character's storyline that you are excited about and will surprise fans this season?

We're having a lot of fun with the Sebastian (Thomas Doherty) and Lizzie storyline. Sebastian is a new character that we meet in the next episode, that has a lot of great fun and a lot of great surprises. 

I really love Landon this season. I think that what he is going to be going through, how he grows and how he's just this perfect specimen of respectful, conscientious, smart and kind, caring person, any man or woman would be lucky to have him. To see him explore life without Hope, in the sense that he remains that good person across the board, is awesome to watch.

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Speaking of Sebastian, would you describe him as more of Stefan or Damon Salvatore?

He's definitely seems more of Damon, for sure! And he's got some blue, blue eyes too, which is really nice. 

And Landon, as the Phoenix, does he become stronger every time he dies? Will we learn more about his powers?

Those are questions that we also ask ourselves in the writers' room. So those are very good questions. People will have to wait and see how we decided to answer that. It's possible [that fans will learn more about his powers].

Switching gears to Landon's best friend. Will we see any progression between Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) and Hope? How will their friendship evolve now that we know he has a crush on her?

When we get Rafael back, it will still be in the window of time where people don't necessarily know who Hope is. So she's this strange, mystery girl who saved him from his plight and I think it will potentially ignite a whole new round of interest from him. 

So, even if he's in wolf form he doesn't remember Hope?

I guess we'll have to see. 

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Let's talk about OG Vampire Diaries alum, Alaric. Will he get a love interest this season?

I would love for Alaric to find happiness and be in love. No one deserves it more and no one has suffered more. We'll see if that losing streak continues or if he can finally meet the one. We shall see. 

There was also a sweet nod to "Aunt Bonnie" in the first episode. Will fans be seeing more of those small mentions and moments of past characters?

We are going to try and do that as often as we can without making false promises about who we might see. I would love to be able to deliver on that as much as possible. 

How would you sum up season two?

It's a season about discovering the holes inside of you that you don't know you have and the things that you do, for better or for worse, to fill those holes. And, how you can be your own worst enemy or your own greatest hero. You just have to find a way to believe in yourself so that others can believe in you.

Legacies airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.