'Legacy: In the Shadow of Greatness:' Dwyane Wade Tells Son Zaire to Ignore 'Faceless' Opinions (Exclusive)

The six-part Discovery+ docuseries follows three sports icons' children as they attempt to make their own mark in the sports world.

It's not easy growing up in the shadow of glory. Discovery+'s upcoming documentary, Legacy: In the Shadow of Greatness, is exploring the trials and tribulations of growing up with a superstar parent. The six-part docuseries from 11-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Hock follows the athletic pursuits of Zaire Wade, Evan Holyfield and Vashti Cunningham, the children of sports icons Dwyane Wade, Evander Holyfield and Randall Cunningham, as they attempt to make their mark outside their parents' shadows in the sports world. 

In ET's exclusive clip, the retired NBA star shares an intense moment with his 20-year-old son, a professional basketball player for the Salt Lake City Stars of the NBA G League. Sitting across from his son, Dwyane asks the younger athlete what he's thinking about.

"Probably just not living up to expectations," Zaire answers, adding that there are "a lot" of expectations put on him by "the world."

"OK, living up to the world's expectations. And what are their expectations?" Dwyane asks.

"They expect me to keep the family's legacy going, basketball-wise. Since no one else is going to do it," his son responds. 

"So, people that don't even know you at all are like, 'Your dad's good, you better be good.' And at 17, I probably would have had that same feeling," Dwyane says. "But once you get older, you realize, the people that are on the outside, they're faceless. they're nameless. So, try not to be worried about what the world thinks about you. Because the world ain't here when you're sick. The world ain't here when you cry -- when you hurt. The world don't do nothing for you." 

Dwyane is dad to Zaire, 14-year-old daughter Zaya and 8-year-old Xavier from previous relationships, and shares his 3-year-old daughter, Kaavia, with his wife, Gabrielle Union. When ET spoke with the couple in May 2021, Dwyane opened up about how he encourages all of his kids to be who they are.

"We're very proud, and I think what we're most proud of is what we're trying to do with them. You know, we try to push with them, we try to push [them to be] their authentic selves," Dwyane said. "We're not trying to make them wear a mask or be someone that they're not... we've done that since Zaya was three years old and we'll continue now that Kaavia is two years old."

"We really try to push them to understand that in this house, in this yard, these gates, there's freedom in here," he continued. "Because life is hard enough, you know? And we understand that, so it's our job, inside of our home, to [make sure] they feel loved, that they feel seen, that they feel heard, and they feel they can be themselves."

Legacy: In the Shadow of Greatness premieres on Discovery + on March 8, with new episodes launching weekly through April 5.


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