Leslie Jordan's Posthumous 'Celebrity IOU' Episode Airs, Property Bros Call Him a 'Force of Good' (Exclusive)

The actor worked with the Property Brothers to renovate the home of a friend who jumpstarted his career.

Jonathan and Drew Scott, also known as The Property Brothers, are remembering the late Leslie Jordan, and reflecting on the impact and legacy he left behind.

"Leslie is just this force of good, and anybody who spent any amount of time with him knows he's just so genuine and so sweet," Jonathan told ET. "Even when he was filming with us, I mean, he would sit down with every single crew member and talk to them and hear their story and share a laugh."

The Call Me Kat star -- who died on Oct. 24 after a car accident in Hollywood, California, at age 67 -- recently filmed an episode for the new season of the Property Brothers' HGTV series, Celebrity IOU. The episode aired on Monday.

"I think what was really great about Leslie as well was that he was somebody who brought people together," Drew shared. "He created a community, because he shared the good and the bad, and he shared that he's been through some really dark times."

On his episode of Celebrity IOU, Leslie works with Jonathan and Drew on renovating the ranch-style home of his close, longtime friends, Newell and Rosemary Alexander. The pair were the first people to welcome Leslie when he moved to Los Angeles from Tennessee in the 1980s to pursue acting professionally, and they jumpstarted his career. They also served as support, and became like family over their 40-year friendship.

"I think that’s why we wanted to showcase this episode as a tribute to Leslie, because he said that it was so important that he do this for Rosemary and Newell," Jonathan explained to ET. "We had to actually shut down [Celebrity IOU] production when we got the news that this had happened because we just, we just couldn’t believe it."

"I think he learned by people giving to him, and he's become that person to give to others," Drew shared of Leslie. "He was just such a sweet human being. He's really, really going to be missed."

"He was one of the sweetest human beings you will ever meet," Drew added. "Leslie's that person that just walks into a room and puts a smile on your face... He literally is such an amazing human being. You can’t help but smile and laugh and give him a big bear hug when you see him... He will definitely be missed."

Leslie's Celebrity IOU is now streaming on Discovery+.

Meanwhile, there have been an outpouring of tributes following the actor's death, from fans, fellow celebrities, as well as his current and former co-stars. Check out the video below for more on the late actor's life and legacy.



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