Let J Balvin's New Happy Puppy Warm Your Heart

The Colombian reggaeton singer named his new dog Felicidad, and we can't handle how sweet that is.

You know what you need when the entire world appears to be falling apart


And that's where J Balvin and his brand new, four-legged best friend come in.

The Colombian reggaeton singer took to Instagram on Thursday to introduce fans to his new dog, Felicidad, which means "Happiness" in English.

That's right -- this tiny ball of fluff is literally happiness.

"Por acá pasando a cambiarles el animo por ternura y no hablo de mi perrita felicidad ?, " the 34-year-old singer captioned a selfie with his new dog, which translates to "Over here, attempting to uplift your spirits with some tenderness and I'm not talking about my dog, Felicidad." 

Things got even cuter over on Balvin's Instagram Story, and we're not just talking about the huge smile on the singer's face as he shows off the precious puppy.

Look at Felicidad even learning some dance moves:

This is truly the pure happiness we needed right now.

If you just can't get enough of this cute pup, check out even more adorable celeb animals in the gallery below.



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