Lili Reinhart Stars in a Cosmic-Themed Campaign in Collab With Celeb Stylist Ilaria Urbinati

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Courtesy of The Mighty Company / Jessie Willner

See the 'Riverdale' star pose in statement leather jackets from The Mighty Company's new collection with the A-list stylist.

Lili Reinhart is a cosmic babe! 

The Riverdale actress stars in a new galactic-themed campaign for leather jacket line The Mighty Company's collaboration with celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinati. 

Urbinati -- who dresses Hollywood's most dapper men including Bradley Cooper, Armie Hammer, John Krasinski and Rami Malek -- has teamed up with friend Jessie Willner, founder of the brand, to create three statement leather toppers inspired by breakups and giving the subject a positive, empowering sartorial spin.

"We fell in love with each other while talking about breakups -- isn’t that so often how the best friendships start?," Willner tells ET. "So we turned our commiseration into the inspiration for the capsule: injecting humor into something natively depressing, by taking concepts like being 'lost' and 'needing space' and translating them into cosmic-themed visuals in the jackets." 

Courtesy of The Mighty Company / Jessie Willner

Featuring a black patent leather style with cut-out stars, a metallic pink "Lost" design and a metallic blue-and-silver "Miss Galaxy" number, Reinhart models the range in dreamy, retro-filtered images. 

"Lili was the ultimate front-woman of this because she’s so different from so many other people her age in the same position," Willner says. "She uses her platform to be honest and forthright about her own personal issues that she knows are also her audience’s issues. It makes her someone young women want to rally around. I wish I had more role models like that when I was growing up. She’s very unafraid to call things out that need calling out. So, really, she couldn’t be a more perfect fit for this cause and collection." 

Courtesy of The Mighty Company / Jessie Willner

The capsule is imbued with Urbinati's sharp eye for cool-girl style. The stylist explained the statement jacket is, on the contrary, easy to wear. 

"I think sometimes people don’t wear their statement jackets enough because they overthink it," Urbinati says. "But I like to just throw mine on like it’s just any-ole jacket. I have the red racer jacket from The Mighty Company and it’s definitely one of the boldest jackets I own, but I like to throw it on as though I’m just throwing on a jean jacket. I wear mine over little '90s dresses or with jeans. And I try to keep the rest of the outfit more understated to let the jacket do the talking." 

The jackets are perfect for adding a touch of edgy glam to your cold-weather wardrobe. So what's the A-list stylist's biggest advice in dressing for winter? 

"Living in L.A., we are so winter-weather hungry we tend to throw on a parka the second there’s a breeze in the air. I definitely own more coats than any human should ever be allowed to. I find the best thing is to pair your boldest statement coats with very thin layers underneath so you don’t feel too bulky. It’s not so cute when you lose all range of motion. And the bulkier the coat, the skinniest I go on the bottom, so leather leggings or a mini dress with tights is always a good look and a little mod." 

Courtesy of The Mighty Company / Jessie Willner

One hundred percent of profits will benefit Unchained at Last, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending forced and child marriage in the U.S.

"We realize we are very lucky to have grown up under circumstances wherein we get to make our own choices in our lives: to go after our dreams and the careers we choose, to marry or break up with the partners we choose, to make the decisions we ourselves select," Urbinati says. "So we wanted to help support and empower girls and women who don't have that simple privilege." 

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