Lily Collins Reacts to Defaced 'Emily in Paris' Poster by Posing in Front of It

The 32-year-old actress poked fun at the graffiti.

Lily Collins isn't fazed by a defaced billboard! The 32-year-old actress posted a funny look at a graffitied poster for her hit Netflix show, Emily in Paris

"I can’t say I love the new look, Em. But A for effort…," Collins captioned a video of a man walking down the street before seeing the poster and running away. 

She also posed next to the graffiti-covered poster, jokingly looking shocked. 

Ashley Park, who plays Emily's pal, Mindy Chen, on the show, commented on the post, writing, "She’s a class act everyone 👏"

Collins has always been candid about criticisms she and the fantastical Netflix series have faced. 

In the December issue of Glamour, she shared, "I know that in this industry, having been in it, having grown up in it, you know that not everyone is going to love what you do all the time."

She added of criticisms of the show's lack of diversity in the first season, "If there's ever an opportunity to be better, do better, and have more representation and inclusion, you should run with it."

As for the big cliffhanger that closed out season 2, Collins is eager to find out what happens next. 

"I genuinely don't know and we keep being like, 'So when am I going to find out? Are we going to find out? Do we get to go to season 3? What happens?'" she recently told ET. 

For more on Emily in Paris, watch the clip below.