'Emily in Paris': Lily Collins, Darren Star Dish on the Big Season 2 Cliffhangers (Exclusive)

Lucas Bravo and Lucien Laviscount also break down the Netflix series' sophomore finale.

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched season 2 of Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris ended on quite a dramatic cliffhanger to put a bow on season 2. Netflix's Parisian dramedy ended on a tense note when Emily (Lily Collins) -- after coming to the realization that she's truly in love with Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) -- discovers in the worst possible way that he's actually back together with Camille (Camille Razatand that's not all. They're moving in together. 

"I remember reading that going, 'Wait, come on!'" Collins told ET's Leanne Aguilera of that gut-wrenching twist. "She finally works up the courage to say something then of course Camille is behind the door. I just love the fact that Camille had her little AirPods on so that's how it spoils it because she hears her and she turns around so innocently. She's like, 'Oh, I didn't see you there,' but actually it's the perfect representation of Camille’s character this season because there are so many unspoken moments when Camille playing Camille is so brilliant at toeing that fine line of is she or isn't she? Does she know? Does she not know? Is she being mean? Is she nice? So the idea that that's how Emily finds out and is so jarred by it, I just found to be just so Emily and the situation... I was devastated for her. I was like, oh my God, of course."

Bravo revealed he was surprised by the ending, sharing that the scripts are often written and tweaked as production moves along "because they want the characters to evolve."

"They want to see how we evolve and it's to get ideas and inspiration, so we got the last episode really at the last moment. I’m always surprised with the last episode," the French actor admitted. "It's an entire season of him trying to... Actually, he knows what he wants. He knows he wants to be with Emily and it's an entire season of rejection so I wasn’t surprised that the end, he ends up falling for the only person [Camille] that actually wants him and loves him. But yeah, it's a bit frustrating. It's bad timing, which is what life is all about."

For showrunner and executive producer Darren Star, putting yet another obstacle in front of Emily in the love department was an intriguing proposition narratively.

"There's this interesting dynamic between Emily, Cami and Gabriel and I feel like Emily at the end of season 1 kind of crossed a line with Cami and I think she spends a lot of season 2 trying to make amends for that and make up for that and do the right thing," Star said. "And in a way, Cami smartly plays Emily in season 2 and Emily wasn't expecting it. By the end of season 2 she decides enough time has gone by, she wants to express her true feelings and she has, in a way, because of the deal she makes with Cami. She sort of lets Gabriel go. And I think Cami did not, in a way, hold up her end of the bargain."

"Gabriel is probably rightfully confused, but he really does have feelings for two women and they're coming at him in all sorts of contradictory ways, sending him a lot of mixed messages," he said when asked if viewers should feel some kind of way towards Gabriel at the end of the season. "I kind of feel like he is just trying to read the room at any given moment and follow his heart. And I really do believe Gabriel has feelings for both Emily and Cami, and they're both genuine [feelings]."

And, of course, that's not the only cliffhanger Emily in Paris left us with: Will Emily stay in Paris or will she leave for a tempting new opportunity? 

"As writers, I feel like we write ourselves to the cliff's edge and we sort of game it out a little bit and there are a number of different ways that things can go," Star teased. "I always feel that we sort of take those ideas of how things can play out and then try to even surprise ourselves after that. I think Emily has a lot of interesting choices ahead of her."

Collins, meanwhile, has no idea what the future holds for Emily's professional career if a potential season 3 were to come to fruition.

"I genuinely don't know and we keep being like, 'So when am I going to find out? Are we going to find out? Do we get to go to season 3? What happens?'" she admitted, before hypothesizing what could be. "We really want to know. Let's be real, I think Emily would love a trip to London. I think that would be really fun but honestly it's a really quick Eurostar trip. Who's to say she can't have both? We'll have to see. She's also very honored and surprised that Sylvie wants her to come with her to the new business so I don't know!"

Joked new addition Lucien Laviscount, who played Emily's new love interest Alfie and gave Gabriel a run for his money: "Yes, she is moving to Guadalajara... Gabriel, Emily and Alfie in Guadalajara together sounds great!" Bravo quipped: "But that stays between us." The actor then gave a serious answer, echoing Collins' sentiments. "We don't know anything. Darren is pretty private about this. I don't think he even knows himself. He likes to tangle everything before he goes on vacation to be sure that when he comes back for next season he has a massive headache to deal with."

"I feel like Gabriel has been very nice and polite and accepted a lot and not owning up to his decisions," Bravo said of his personal desires for his character. "It's like leaving things floating and without really caring about who he hurts. I think he knows it a bit but he doesn't really own up to that that decision. I would love to see him owning up to his actions and maybe going to a bit darker corners of his soul, heart, mind. He's always so clean and polite, I just wanna mess him up a bit."

As for Star, he has his own burgeoning ideas on what he'd like to see in a third season.

"I really love how Emily gets more assimilated into French culture and I love seeing that evolution and transformation of somebody who's made Paris their home and how that changes them. What we really haven’t seen -- except for Madeline, we get it a little bit -- is how Emily is in relation to people that she's left behind and how being an expatriate for a longer period of time changes her relationship with her home," he said, toying with the idea of "possibly" featuring Emily's parents should another season be ordered.

"I feel like Paris, this time, has turned all her assumptions about who she is and what her life's about on their head so she has so many options open to her," Star added. "I think she's at a point where she can take a big risk."

Emily in Paris is streaming now on Netflix. For more, watch below.

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