Lisa Rinna Says There's 'No F**king Way' She'd Get ET's Snake Massage From Serpentessa

Lisa Rinna
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star reacted to the bizarre wellness trend via Instagram Stories.

Lisa Rinna is so not here for the snake massage!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday to provide some pretty hilarious commentary on ET's interview with Serpentessa, who recently gave one of our producers, Darla Murray, her celebrity-approved snake massage.

"Oh no," Rinna said while watching the video of boa constrictors slithering all over Darla's face and body. "Nope!"

"Nope. Hellllll no," she continued. "No, no, no Serpentessa. What?" Oh, god. Yeah, no f**king way! Shut the f**k up."

ET first caught wind of the bizarre wellness trend last month after Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell shared her experience with Serpentessa, aka the "snake priestess," via Instagram.

Serpentessa explained to ET that there are plenty of health benefits to the procedure, which is actually an ancient remedy and typically lasts around 75 minutes. "Many, many clients tell me that the snake will go to areas of their bodies they need healing and that's often in the neck area and the head area, down by the feet," she said. "Sometimes in the solar plexus as well. Other reasons people come is they want the thrill, they want the relaxation. They want to feel fully embodied rather than just stuck in their head." 

"And in addition, those hormones of endorphins and oxytocin they relieve stress and create pleasure and also improve our emotional and cognitive and physical resiliencies in the world," she continued. "It's a stressful world out there." 

Hear more from our exclusive chat with the snake queen in the video below!