'Little People, Big World': Zach and Tori Tell His Mom They Don't Want to Spend Christmas Together (Exclusive)

The couple's decision leaves Zach's mom disappointed.

Zach and Tori Roloff are sharing some unfortunate news about their holiday plans. In a new Little People, Big World clip shared exclusively with ET, cameras captured the moment the couple told Zach's mom, Amy, that they planned to spend Christmas alone this year -- and she couldn't hide her disappointment.

As Zach and Tori sit in their living room with Amy discussing how December flies by, the family matriarch asked the pair if they wanted to get together the week of Christmas, which led to a moment of awkward silence. "We're probably going to do our own thing this year," Tori says through nervous laughter. 

"Like Christmas Day, if we all want to do something Christmas Day, that's cool," she added as Amy looked at her in disbelief. 

In a confessional, Zach opened up about their decision. "Leading up to Christmas we get together a lot at my mom's or whatever," he explained. "But this year, probably not. You know, we're going to stay up here. We might see her Christmas Day, but Tori and me really want to set aside time where we're just up here, doing our own family traditions."

"Jackson is recovering," Zach added of their son's leg surgery. "You know, we're just enjoying our new place."

Later in the clip, Tori tells Amy that they are "pretty booked solid" during December. "And you don't even include Grandma," a visibly annoyed Amy quips. 

"Half of it is doctor's appointments and whatever," Tori replies, as Zach anxiously turns his head.

"They just want to be pretty much by themselves," Amy says in a confessional. "I can understand that, to some degree. I mean, there's a lot going on, but I was kind of bummed. I was kind of sad that the excitement wasn't there."

While it surely wasn't ideal for Amy to not be included in her son and daughter-in-law's plans, it's no doubt the couple had their hands full during the 2021 holiday season. In November, Jackson -- who, like Zach, was born with achondroplasia, the most common type of short-limbed dwarfism -- underwent surgery.

While dealing with the anxiety that his surgery brought on, Tori was also pregnant with her and Zach's third child, whom they welcomed in April 2022.

"Welcome to the world sweet Josiah Luke! 💙 April 30th, 2022 9:02am 7 lbs 6oz 19 1/2 inches long,” Tori captioned an Instagram post announcing the baby's arrival. “You surprised us all by coming early, but also the wait felt like a lifetime! Best birthday present ever! 🎁.” 

Zach and Tori are also parents of 2-year-old daughter, Lilah Ray.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.