Tori and Zach Roloff on Baby Josiah's Early Birth and Family Drama (Exclusive)

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Life as Roloff party of 5 has been good! Little People Big World’s Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their third child, Josiah, on April 30 and their little guy is fitting in perfectly.

“He’s doing great,” Zach tells ET’s Cassie DiLaura. “He came three weeks early."  

Little Josiah joins his siblings, Jackson, 5, and Lilah, 2. As for Mom and Dad’s plans to have another one, well, not right now. “We’re probably done after this,” Zach said. “He’s been great.”  

“It's been harder to say that though,” Tori adds. “It's harder to like, 'We're done,’ because he's been so easy. I'm like, ‘Oh, maybe we can do one more.’" 

Fortunately for the couple, they've been getting a lot of assistance from their two older children. “They both try to pick him up,” Tori says. “They bring his Binky. Lilah's really concerned that he has his diaper changed. And he's eating.” 

Zach adds, “I've been telling everyone this, but they're very overzealous sometimes though. We have to be like, ‘Slow down.’” 

Although their baby boy is just under a month old, Tori and Zach say he’s already got his own little personality. “He's definitely more easygoing like Jackson was as a baby,” Tori says.  

“With this kid, he's very tolerant,” Zach says. “We allow them to just dote over him because, if they do wake him up, it's cool.” 

As for the family’s dynamic, Tori and Zach feel like their baby boy has been with them this entire time, as the transition to parents of three was a breeze. 

“Going from one to two was way harder than going from two to three,” Tori says. “I said it on social media. It's like Josiah's been here this whole time.” 

Zach adds, “It is. You're adding cars to the train now. He's just part of the program.” 

Tori and Zach’s latest chapter comes after months of public family drama. This season’s Little People Big World documents Zach and his father, Matt’s, tumultuous battle as they have a disagreement about Zach’s desire to purchase the north side of the family’s farm estate.  

For Zach, he’s found that he cannot conduct business with his father, so he’s ultimately decided to keep things strictly family -- while making sure their relationship heals.  

“Babies and birthdays and everything do create opportunities to bring everyone together,” Zach said about events that help patch up their relationship. “A lot of hurt feelings have happened over everyone. We're not innocent in all this either. But, it is what it is. It's not our call. The whole family built the equity of that place and built it to what it is. But it's not any of our calls but my dad's. That's his call, which is fine. I wish it maybe was played out a little bit more honest leading up to it. I have my own family to focus on.” 

Zach adds, “People ask me, 'Are you sad?' I'm like, ‘OK, I'm a dad with three kids, and a husband. I'm not crying over my childhood house being sold.’ I do wish if it was going to get sold, it was done in a better way, but it wasn't, which is fine." 

For now, Zach and Tori are focusing on their next chapter, which includes their new home and celebrating their children’s milestones.  

“But we've moved on and now we're up here and we're excited too,” Zach says. "Jackson starts kindergarten next year, full-time. Lilah, she's getting potty trained and she's talking more and becoming a girl with her own personality. And then now we have Josiah here. So, Tori and me are just focused on our kids and, yeah, what we want to do for the next decade of our life.” 


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