Lizzo and Sarah Paulson Go Full 'American Horror Story' in Funny TikTok Videos

The two stars took part in the TikTok trend.

This year's Halloween dream team is a bit unexpected. Lizzo enlisted American Horror Story staple Sarah Paulson for two funny TikTok videos. 

In the first clip, the two ladies scream, "Help, the killer is escaping!" an audio clip from the 46-year-old actress' time on American Horror Story: Asylum

"This one?" Lizzo, 33, asked in the caption. 

She then posted a second clip of the pair mouthing the exact same scene with much less urgency. 

"Or this one?" she captioned the second clip.

The trend of people using the sound as they do or see random things has gone viral on TikTok. 

It seems the unexpected pals really hit it off. When Lizzo posted the clip to Twitter, she quickly discovered Paulson was also on the social media platform. 

"Miss u already," Lizzo captioned the clip with a sad face. 

"Don't make me cry," Paulson replied with multiple sad faces. 

It's unclear why the two were hanging out, but we hope to see more TikToks from this iconic duo soon!