LOCASH Teases Super Bowl Involvement Following 'Feels Like a Party' Music Video Drop (Exclusive)

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Preston Brust and Chris Lucas are having a damn good time!

LOCASH may be heading to the Super Bowl!

ET caught up with the country duo ahead of their final stop on the Pepsi Tailgate Tour at the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, earlier this month, and Preston Brust and Chris Lucas couldn't contain their excitement about what the next year of their lives will hold.

"This is an amazing time, and we’re also talking Super Bowl right now with Pepsi," Brust revealed, before clarifying that their performance would likely be leading up to the Atlanta, Georgia, game, where Maroon 5 is rumored to be the game's halftime act.

Before they can look ahead, though, Lucas and Brust thought back to their massive past few months, which included 11 stops headlining the Pepsi Tailgate Tour, where they performed ahead of some of the biggest college and NFL games.

"It’s just been amazing. They pull out all the stops... It’s been great," Lucas gushed of the tour, which concluded just days after the duo got the opportunity to perform at the National Tree Lighting ceremony in Washington D.C.

"The White House called us and asked us to do it and we were not gonna miss it," Lucas said of the annual event. "They were like, ‘We’re having some problems with some artists that don’t want to perform with the president.’ I’m like, ‘First of all, we don’t care about that. It’s the president of the United States. We respect that.’"

"Put all the politics aside, no matter what our beliefs are, we were not going to miss that opportunity," Lucas added. "Especially for our troops and the kids that were there."

This year also saw the release of their latest single, "Feels Like a Party," which they co-wrote with Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard.

"Just working with T-Hub is great because they’ve had so much success over the last few years that everything he touches kind of turns to gold right now," Lucas said. "He’s got that taste for success, and it feels good to have someone like that in the room with us creatively."

While the track's lyric video featured young people enjoying a concert, the music video -- which just dropped this week -- features everything from an older businessman leaving work to a young girl in a laundromat to a basketball player on the court, all of whom spontaneously start dancing.

"It's pretty cool, man," Brust said of the video. "It’s just one of those things where you just take three minutes of your life and forget about the negativity and just say, ‘You know what? I’m just gonna party today and forget about everything.’" 

In addition to their possible Super Bowl involvement, LOCASH also teased their new album, which is due out next March.

"We went, like, all killer, no filler. I mean you have your party songs and then you have your meat and potatoes, but you’re always going to find positive energy with us," Lucas said of the 11-track album. "You’re always gonna find positive songs. I mean, there are slow songs on there -- well, not really slow, but mid-tempo -- but there’s love songs on there, but you’ll never find heartbreak songs. We write heartbreak songs, but for LOCASH we want to keep it positive."

With all the excitement they have coming up, the guys are just happy to be doing what they love. "We’ll ride this horse as long as we can, and hopefully it’s all the way to the top," Brust said.

Watch the video below for more on LOCASH: