'Love Is Blind' Alum Danielle Ruhl Accuses Nick Viall of 'Poking Fun' at Suicide

The Bachelor Nation alum recently slammed 'entitled' reality stars for their claims against the 'Love Is Blind' production companies.

Reality TV alums are at odds regarding claims from former Love Is Blind cast members of mistreatment while filming the show. On his podcast, Viall Files, Bachelor Nation star Nick Viall addressed the recent allegations made by some former Love Is Blind stars, including exes Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson, who were on season 2 of the show.

During Tuesday's episode, Viall said, "Blanket statement, I think it's crazy for any of these production companies to cast someone who has ever said that they thought about or considered suicide. I would take that stand. If anyone has come forward and said, 'Hey, I once was suicidal. I struggle with some pretty dark mental health,' I don't think they're fit for reality TV."

He went on to slam "entitled" reality TV stars during Thursday's episode, saying, "If you don't want to do it, you don't have to. There's literally nothing special about you when it comes to why you're on the show other than your willingness to show up and be recorded and be vulnerable and do something as insane as get married in a few weeks. No one made you do it."

He added, "I just think this is pathetic. I think these people are incredibly entitled and they are weaponizing words like 'mental health' and things like that."

Ruhl, who has spoken out against Netflix and Kinetic Content and has said she was mistreated during her time on Love Is Blind, responded to Viall's remarks.

The reality star, who previously opened up about her suicidal ideations both in her youth and while filming the show, posted and then deleted a video condemning Viall's comments and slammed him for wanting to become a therapist. She also posted and then deleted several statements to her Instagram Story.

Calling Viall's comments "disgusting," Ruhl wrote in her since-deleted post, "Instead of sympathizing @nickviall is making fun of the fact that I had been suicidal? For laughs? Really? Poking fun at suicide? @nickviall did u think twice about anyone else who has been suicidal before using it in a disgusting, judgmental joke? It isn't funny."

She also urged her followers to reach out to Viall, adding, "If you are as triggered as me let @nickviall know. He is just continuing the stigma that we are trying to eliminate."

Danielle Ruhl/ Instagram
Danielle Ruhl/ Instagram

Ruhl's ex-husband, Thompson, also condemned Viall's comments on his Instagram Story, writing, "@nickviall is doubling down on his horrific take. This is pathetic. Keep defending reality TV productions for their inhumane cast treatment from your studio and I'll keep doing the right thing."

Ruhl recently opened up to ET about her allegations surrounding her time on Love Is Blind, saying she was deprived of food and water while filming and not given access to mental health resources, even while expressing that she was having suicidal ideations.

"When I was experiencing some medical stuff in the pods, there were no doctors. When I was experiencing mental health issues, there were no therapists," she told ET. "You kind of just had to rely on your producers to make you feel better."

In response to the Business Insider report, Kinetic Content released a statement, saying, "The wellbeing of our participants is of paramount importance to Kinetic. We have rigorous protocols in place to care for each person before, during, and after filming."

ET reached out to Netflix about the allegations.

Viall frequently hosts LIB contestants on his podcast. For more from his recent interview with season 4 star Micah Lussier, watch the clip below.