'Love Is Blind' Married Couples Answer Who's Best in Bed, Talk Past Hookups, and Exes in the DMs

Three couples tied the knot on season 4 of 'Love Is Blind.'

Though they've been happily married for more than a year now, the spouses from Love Is Blind season 4 don't necessarily know everything about each other.

In a cute video segment for Cut.com, couples Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell, Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin, and Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi answer some difficult questions from the newlywed game that leave their partners shocked.

When asked who is better in bed, Brett confidently names himself right as Tiffany says, "Both of us."

"What the f**k?! Brett Brown love him some Brett Brown," Tiffany quips of her husband.

Kwame is asked how many exes have reached out since the show aired, to which he replies, "Maybe, like, three or four."

He reveals that they sent him direct messages "Yeah, it was my ex from college. I literally clicked like," Kwame reveals as Chelsea gasps, " You liked it?!"

When asked how many hookups they'd had prior to meeting and marrying on the show, Chelsea asks, "Would we say hundreds?"

"Hundreds?" Kwame replies, emphasizing the plural with a laugh.

And when Chelsea is asked who else on the show she was physically attracted to, she answers, "That's such an icky question. I don't know the show was not about that. I mean, we love a good Brett Brown."

Kwame admits that he thought his future bride "looked like Monica from Friends" before he met her in person, and Chelsea shares which of their co-stars talked some trash on her future husband.

Kwame already knew, naming contestant Jackie Bonds, who had an issue with him wanting to go "50/50 on bills."

"She tried to come to me and act like that was a problem. That's not a problem. I'm a grown-a** b***h!" Chelsea quips.

Love Is Blind season 4 wrapped this week with a drama-packed reunion special plagued with technical issues. For ET's exclusive content for the series, check out the links below.