'Love Is Blind' Season 4: Kwame and Chelsea Give Marriage Update, Talk Meeting His Mom, Moving In (Exclusive)

Kwame and Chelsea open up to ET about their life after filming on 'Love Is Blind' wrapped.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the finale of Love Is Blind season 4, proceed with caution.

It's the Love Is Blind wedding that left many viewers shocked. After Chelsea Griffin said yes to her fiancé, Kwame Appiah, at the altar, he too said "I do," despite the Netflix series showcasing the various issues within their relationship. 

ET's Will Marfuggi spoke with both Kwame and Chelsea prior to the finale episode airing, where they discussed the status of their relationship, how they've adapted to the challenges of marriage and where they are today. 

One major pitfall in the couple's romance was the fact that Kwame's mother refused to acknowledge their relationship or meet Chelsea. She ultimately did not attend the couple's wedding, with Kwame's siblings stepping in for her. 

Kwame told ET that his mother and Chelsea have met in the year since filming on the show wrapped. 

"They get along well, well enough. It's progress. I think as time has gone on, I've started to think about things more from my mom's side and I understand... but it took her some time to warm up to the whole situation," Kwame said. "I'm happy with the way it's progressing. If this is meant to be for the rest of our lives, then I'm OK with the wait and patience."


Kwame also had to relocate from Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington, to be with his wife, a move that he said he's adjusted to despite his reservations. 

"Since transitioning to Seattle, I've definitely found a lot of love for it. I love this place, and I don't think that the next transition in my life would be happier in any other place," Kwame admitted. 

As for Chelsea, she described her married life as "real." 

"Marriage is not easy, but doing it at the pace that we've had to do it has been extra difficult... we moved in together the day after we got married," Chelsea told ET. "He'd never lived with a woman. Honestly, I think he did really well."

She noted that watching the show back has "110 percent" strengthened their relationship, though she admitted that there were a few scenes where she "had to stand up and walk away from the television."

"I will say, reality TV, it sucks you in and makes you feel like you know everything and in reality, you don't," Chelsea explained. "I'm proud and happy with my trajectory, but other people on the show did not get so lucky... A lot of Kwame and I's story and a lot of our dates never got shown to push a storyline. That's frustrating for me to watch back and not see a lot of those moments."


Another obstacle the couple had to endure were the racist and hateful comments Kwame, a Black man, received after the first episodes aired. The reality star took to Instagram at the time to call out the hate, and Chelsea, who is white, shared with ET that it was difficult to see her husband in such an emotional state. 

"It was really difficult to see and feel for him. It was horrible. It was absolutely the most disgusting, demeaning things that I've ever, ever seen and it really hurts me. It hurts me for him and it hurts me for us and for the community. The internet, it's a scary place. People can say and do anything. It's not OK," Chelsea said. "I just held him and we cried together. I've never seen him like that before. I can understand to the degree that I can. I wish that I could get there fully, but I can't. I think he reached out to a lot of his friends and family."

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix, and the live reunion special is streaming Sunday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET on Netflix.