'Love Is Blind' Star Kwame Appiah Says He's Received Racist Remarks Since Season 4 Premiere: 'It's Disgusting'

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The season 4 cast of Love Is Blind is calling out hateful comments they have received since the show premiered on March 24.

Kwame Appiah, who is one of the featured stars of the Netflix dating show's latest season, took to Instagram over the weekend to call out racist comments he says he's been receiving.

Kwame, a Black man, acknowledged that his storyline on the show would warrant "opinions" from viewers online.

"Opinions are, they're a given, right?" he said in a video. "But there's definitely a level that should not be breeched, and that's when the opinions that you have go toward deepening levels of hate, racism or bigotry."

Highlighting one comment that referred to him as the N-word, Kwame said that the racist comments "cross a line."

"I think it's disgusting that people think it's OK to do this and hide it behind the agenda of just caring about a TV show," he continued. "I'm human. I make mistakes, just like you make mistakes. Wrapping that around in bigotry and hate and pushing that agenda is never going to be OK. Cut that out."

Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah on 'Love Is Blind'

Kwame received lots of support from his co-stars online.

Marshall Glaze and Brett Brown, who are both Black, shared their love in the comments section.

"Very well said my Brother 🖤 A King amongst men," Marshall wrote.

Brett also commented, "Stay up man ✊🏾. It’s unfortunate but we all know how evil of a place social media can be. No one deserves this. You know the kind of man you are, stay true to that!"

Micah Lussier, whose romantic connection to Kwame was shown on the series, also shared a message, writing, "Threats, insults, bigotry, and just vile comments are entirely inappropriate. We are real people, doing the best that we can just like you, and we are not always perfect but we learn from these moments and move forward to be better in the future."

Bliss Poureetezadi reposted Kwame's message, writing, "As a part Black woman, who has also experienced racism, I am sickened to my core to see this. There is no space for racism. Retire those ignorant old ways of thinking. Being kind is free."

In the first five episodes of season 4 of LIB, Kwame shares a connection with Micah and Chelsea Griffin. When Micah moves on to someone else, Kwame pursues his connection with Chelsea, eventually proposing to her. But when the couples come face to face in Mexico, Kwame and Micah have another moment, which is being criticized online.

Kwame and Micah on 'Love Is Blind'

Prior to the episodes airing, Micah spoke with ET about her chemistry with Kwame, noting that she had no intention of pursuing him outside of the pods.

"When I ended it with Kwame, I was done with Kwame for good," she told ET. "I think how I interact with people is a little flirty. Maybe it's because that's what I've done my whole life... but that's how I talk. It's how I interact with people. But there was no question in my mind once I chose Paul that I was with Paul and I was not going back to Kwame. But I could get how that could be confusing given our conversations."

New episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 will be released on Friday, March 31.


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