'Love is Blind' Star Kwame Previously Competed on Another Famous Dating Show

Kwame Appiah

The season 4 star is not new to the reality world when it comes to his search for love.

If you thought you'd seen Kwame Appiah from Love Is Blind before, well, you probably have.

Eagle-eyed fans watching season four of the hit Netflix dating series didn't take long to notice that Kwame has tried his hand at finding love on another famous dating show -- Married at First Sight.

While Kwame didn't make it far on the show, he was on an episode of the Lifetime series back in 2019. In a resurfaced clip that made its way to the internet over the weekend, Kwame is seen on the premiere episode of season 10 of the long-running reality show -- in which singles are married to one another after meeting for the first time. 

While his search for love on Married at First Sight was short-lived, his journey to the altar hasn't exactly been smooth sailing on Love Is Blind either.

Set in Seattle, the first half of the show's fourth season sees Kwame testing his limits with two strong connections -- Chelsea Griffin and Micah Lussier. Although he did manage to get engaged to Chelsea, their relationship has some serious problems, that have extended further than his lingering feelings for his first flame -- namely the fact that Kwame lives in Portland, Oregon, while Chelsea lives in Seattle and has no plans to relocate.

Things escalated further at Chelsea's birthday party, when Kwame and Micah came face-to-face again, for another flirtatious interaction without their partners present -- something that Chelsea took issue with during the cast's trip to Mexico.

ET's Will Marfuggi spoke with Chelsea before the episode aired, where she discussed the situation in Mexico.

When asked if she was sweating Kwame talking to Micah in Mexico, Chelsea told ET, "Honestly, no. I think when you have cameras, when you're blasted with everything, everything maybe seems a bit more intense."

Ultimately, Chelsea was understanding of Kwame's past relationship with Micah, noting, "I think we're multifaceted people, and he had a connection with her. They had to have that conversation, and they had to go through what they had to go through to figure out that they were not right for each other. Ultimately, it was a part of our journey."

As for whether Kwame and Chelsea will be able to get over these humps and make it to the altar and beyond? That remains to be seen.

New episodes of Love Is Blind are dropping Friday, April 7 on Netflix.