'Love Is Blind' Season 3 Reunion Sets Release Date: See the Emotional Trailer

Season 3 of the Netflix reality series will stream its wedding-packed finale and reunion special on the same day.

Love Is Blind fans won't have to wait to find out what happens to their favorite season 3 couples. The Netflix reality dating show is releasing its wedding-packed finale and reunion special both on Wednesday, Nov. 9. 

In a tense new trailer for the conclusion to the dramatic season, we see the brides and grooms standing at the altar awaiting each other's answers. 

The last drop of episodes left viewers on a cliffhanger with Nancy Rodriguez waiting to hear if her fiancé, Bartise Bowden, would say "I do," after she said it to him. 

But things aren't looking good in a shot from the reunion where we see Nancy in tears, putting her face in her hands. 

It seems the other cast members have some things to get off their chest as Raven Ross declares, "We were all there!" And Zanab Jaffrey says, "I do have something to say to you," while her fiancé, Cole Barnett, let's out a rye laugh and says, "What?!"


The Love Is Blind season 3 weddings finale and reunion special premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 9 on Netflix.