'Love is Blind' Season 4 Reunion Delay: Celebrities and Fans React Online, Share Strong Feelings

Technical issues caused fans to wait even longer for the long-awaited reunion special.

Sometimes, technical issues get in the way of love. Legions of fans logged onto Netflix on Sunday for the live Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion special only to find error messages and livestream issues.

The special, which was the streaming service's second live event after Chris Rock's Selective Outrage standup show last month, was delayed from its scheduled 8 p.m. ET start time by more than an hour as Netflix struggled with technical issues and glitches

The official Love Is Blind account shared a post to their story writing, "Love is late. It will be worth it," and encouraged fans to stick around with teaser pics.

However, as the delay dragged on, excited fans had a lot of feelings about the whole fiasco, and took to Twitter to vent.

"Waiting to join the #LoveIsBlindLIVE reunion like it’s a zoom happy hour in April 2020," one user wrote, while another (reasonably) complained, "Netflix been harassing me all week to watch this live reunion and they can’t even get it up and running?"

Co-host Vanessa Lachey went live on her Instagram to share that the reunion had not started as they awaited a fix, assuring fans, "This is so 2023. I can't show the season 4 cast, but Nick and I and the audience is all here. We are sitting here. Apparently y'all, everybody broke the internet to see this reunion! So we're ready to roll. We just gotta figure this out. We're getting everything to work. We are not asking any questions to anybody until we are streaming live into your living rooms, onto your phones, onto your tablets or whatever you're watching on. I promise we will save all of the tea for you." 

Lachey later shared a snapshot of Love Is Blind contestant Tiffany Pennywell asleep in her chair on stage, waiting for the show to start, poking fun at the reactions to the long delay.

Netflix even got boldly trolled by Bravo who, without directly addressing the streamer's tech issues, simply tweeted, "We would never keep you waiting for a Reunion 😉"

After over an hour delay, it seems tough decisions had to be made.

On Sunday evening, ET learned that the Love is Blind reunion special will be pre-recorded and be posted on Netflix later in the evening -- although no specific time was given.

Love Is Blind season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix.