'Love Is Blind' Season 6: Did Amy and Johnny Get Married?

The pair was one of the first to propose and come face-to-face, but will they go the distance?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen all 12 episodes of season 6 of Love Is Blind, proceed with caution. 

Once again, love is crossing all divides on the new season of Love Is Blind. One of the first couples to connect in season 6 of the hit Netflix series is 28-year-old account executive Johnny McIntyre and 28-year-old e-commerce specialist Amy Cortez. 

The two bond over their focus on family and by sharing their respective cultures. 

Amy, who is proud of her Puerto Rican heritage, got emotional opening up about her fears surrounding her family and making sure her brother is taken care of. Johnny let it slip pretty early that he loved his future fiancée.


"I love the person you are. I love everything you've gone through. And I don't ever want to change you, no matter what," he declared. 

The chemistry between the two only intensified when they met in person after Johnny proposed. Amy was honest about Johnny looking different than she originally expected, but it was clear that both were pleased with their picks. 

"I honestly wouldn't have approached somebody that looked like him in the real world because I always had my fixations on ethnic men. But honestly, it wouldn't have really mattered what he looked like because I feel like I truly fell in love for his heart and soul," Amy gushed. 

The two then traveled to the Dominican Republic with the group where their bond seems to be one of the more secure ones. They did seem to have some reservations about their intimate relationship as Amy is not on birth control and Johnny is terrified of having children. But that's something the couple seems willing to work through. 


The pair meet each other's respective families. Johnny gets Amy's father's blessing, and Johnny's friends adore his ladylove. The two seem to really have no roadblocks. 

Amy admits on her wedding day that she's afraid Johnny will get cold feet at the altar and decide it's too serious for him to go through with actually getting married on the show. But it's clear that this is destined to go well when Amy has her future sister-in-law as a bridesmaid and Amy's parents welcome her into their family in a tearful moment. 

The pair has a fairytale altar moment, getting married as their excited families cheer them on. 

But considering the show was filmed nearly a year ago, are these two still together? ET spoke with both Amy and Johnny separately after filming wrapped, but they opted to keep their present-day relationship status a secret. 

"You'll just have to tune in to find out," Amy teased ET. 

"You'll have to wait and see," Johnny added. 

Both Johnny and Amy are following each other on Instagram, but that's no guarantee that they're still an item. ET will be keeping a close eye on this couple as they continue on their journey to the altar. 

The Love Is Blind reunion special for season 6 will be released on March 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Netflix. 


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