'Love Is Blind' Star Jackie Bonds Says She'd Marry and Have '49 Kids' With Boyfriend Josh Demas

Jackie and Josh met in the pods on season 4 of 'Love Is Blind,' but she got engaged to Marshall Glaze.

Though she may not have gotten married on season 4 of Love Is Blind, Jackie Bonds still thinks she met her person on the Netflix series. The reality star got engaged to Marshall Glaze on the show only to later call off the engagement to pursue a romance with Josh Demas, whom she also connected with in the pods.

Jackie and Josh skipped the reunion special, opting instead to share a pre-taped interview with co-host Vanessa Lachey, giving an update on their long-term romance after moving in together.

On Monday, Jackie gave fans even more intel on her romance with Josh on her Instagram Stories.

Posting a pic of herself and her man, the dental hygienist wrote, "I always dreamed for a love like this. He really is my twin. We both make each other laugh. He understands me, he is such a man of patience."

Claiming they "barely argue," Jackie went on to defend her man from online critics, writing, "The show made him look a fool but he is far from. He doesn't drink, as much as he doesn't sound true in the year I have been with him he has had a max 4 shots. He started taking me back to church. Told me he viewed me in a way that man couldn't even describe."

Calling Josh her "rock" throughout the Love Is Blind process, she said that her post-show "fights" ended up breaking her man's heart as he also received online criticism.

"He is my person I love him I'd marry him a thousand times over & have 49 kids with," she wrote. "The love I feel for him is unimaginable. Part of my chromosome, part of my DNA."

Jackie Bonds/Instagram

Jackie also claimed that though the show featured her refusing to give back the engagement ring that Marshall gave her, she says she did, in fact, try to return it.

"I left the ring on the counter for him to come pick it up before the breakup and sent them pictures of where I left it for him," she wrote. "They told me no. I even tried to give it to production & was told it was mine to keep it. I'm just so tired of hearing about this."

She also claimed that season 2 contestants Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati kept their rings despite not getting married to their exes.

"I never wear it," Jackie added. "I haven't worn it since I took it off a year ago. Me and him had a long conversation and we decided to let bygones be bygones. We both are in healthy relationships & are happy."

Jackie Bonds/Instagram Stories

All four seasons of Love Is Blind and the reunion episodes are currently streaming on Netflix.