'Love Is Blind' Star Josh Seemingly Got Engaged to Another Contestant Before His Romance With Jackie

Season 4 contestant Monica Rodriguez shared her engagement story on Instagram.

Looks like there was one very interesting Love Is Blind engagement that didn't make the cut in season 4. Contestant Monica Rodriguez, who received very limited screen time, recently took to her Instagram to flash a giant square-cut diamond.

"LIB ENGAGEMENT ALERT*** Since EVERYONE was given the opportunity to share their stores, I can finally tell mine," Monica shared.

Noting that she thought she'd found her person in the pods, Monica wrote, "I accepted his proposal and we were onto the reveal. During the reveal, reality set in and my heart and mind were torn. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision or picked the right person. The only thing I did know was that you shouldn’t feel torn on your engagement day. It should be a decision in your life that is made with great confidence and no second thoughts. This is when I realized that this wasn’t gods plan for me. I wasn’t at peace with my decision and ended our engagement shortly after filming."


She ended her post with a cheeky note, adding, "❤️ And yes, I kept the ring 💍."

Fans did some digging and are currently speculating that it was actually Josh Demas who proposed to Monica. Josh was featured on season 4 for his interest in Jackie Bonds, who originally got engaged to Marshall Glaze.

After Jackie called things off with Marshall, she started her romance with Josh shortly after, and during the reunion special, the couple confirmed they have been going strong for a year. Fans also think Monica's note about keeping the ring is a reference to Jackie, who refused to return her engagement ring to Marshall on the show.

There was no mention of Josh's past relationship with Monica during season 4 or the recent reunion special. However, Josh is seen in the center of a recent photo posted by Bridal Rings Company, who designs the engagement rings for Love Is Blind.

"Throwing it back to when we visited the @LoveIsBlindNetflix pods to help the men find the perfect engagement ring for their future wives! 💍," the company shared in the caption. "It was an incredible experience working with each of the men and helping guide them in their decision-making process. We're so happy to have been a part of their journey and are grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to their love stories."

When one fan pointed out that other couples who didn't make it to air, including Jimmy Forde and Wendi Kong, and Josh "JP" Schultz and Ava Jenson, were featured on Netflix's TUDUM blog, Monica responded, saying, "I noticed as well which is why I’m sharing on my platform. Not sure why they didn’t include ours."

ET has reached out to Monica, Josh and Netflix for comment.