'Love Is Blind' Star Jackie Gives an Update on Her Future With Josh After Marshall Split (Exclusive)

After Jackie and fiancé Marshall split, she moved on to co-star Josh, but 'Love Is Blind' never revealed what happened to the couple.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched season 4 of Love Is Blind, proceed with caution.

Love might be blind, but it doesn't always work out. After Jackie Bonds fell for both Marshall Glaze and Josh Demas in the pods on season 4 of Love Is Blind, she ultimately accepted Marshall's proposal and the pair jetted off to Mexico together.

But from the start, things were looking tense between the pair due to several unexplained emotional moments and off-camera fights. When Marshall leaves after Jackie tells him to "boss up," the pair has a falling out, attending co-star Chelsea Griffin's birthday party separately.

Enter: Josh.

Josh makes a play for Jackie at the party and though things don't work out there, the two eventually agree to give a relationship a try, with Jackie warning Josh that she's not ready for marriage anytime soon.


Jackie and Marshall have a tense split, with Marshall demanding the engagement ring back and Jackie refusing.

Prior to the season airing, Jackie spoke with ET's Will Marfuggi about Marshall and Josh and how things played out.

Calling her relationship with Marshall "more of a friend relationship," Jackie went on to accuse her ex of making "some derogatory comments" against her, which she called "quite offensive."


"I kind of took that as, 'Well, you already said what you needed to say, then I'm cool. I don't need to be in this relationship no more,'" Jackie explained. "And that's when I was like, 'I'mma go ahead and do me'... There was some disrespectful things that happened off camera and I'm the type of woman that I'm not gonna tolerate no disrespect regardless of who you are."

Jackie said that hearing Josh's voice at the party was "such a trigger" for her. She noted that after Josh's play for her at the party, he texted her apologizing and they met up off camera. Then they met for the cameras at a coffee shop.

So where are they now? The couple sparked a lot of speculation after they were spotted on TikTok at a Seattle Mariners game together recently. Jackie confirmed to ET last month that she and Josh are still together.

"Me and Josh are still going strong," she said. "We are getting a place together. He hangs out with my family all the time."

Love Is Blind season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix. The live reunion will stream on Sunday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET.