'Love Is Blind' Season 4: Fans Catch Unexpected Couple Out Together and It Might Be a Major Spoiler

Jackie Bonds was spotted out with a co-star who was not her fiancé, Marshall Glaze.

A potential major Love Is Blind spoiler might have just been caught on TikTok! With season 4 of the hit Netflix dating show currently rolling out new episodes weekly, fans are obviously eager to know what happens with their favorite couples.

But over the weekend, one eagle-eyed fan spotted contestant Jackie Bonds out at a Seattle Mariners game with her co-star, Josh Demas.

The pair were filmed together in the stands at the very public event looking chilly. They were also spotted leaving the stadium together.

The catch? Josh is not the man that Jackie got engaged to on season 4 of the show.

In the pods, Jackie connected with both Josh and Marshall Glaze, who later popped the question. But in the most recent episode drop, viewers saw Jackie and Marshall struggling in their relationship after an off-camera fight.

Marshall claimed that Jackie told him he wasn't "man enough" for her and Jackie called Marshall out, saying they never had sex and faulting him for leaving.

During a tense event for Chelsea Griffin's birthday, Josh returns and makes a play for Jackie at a difficult time for her and Marshall. And in a preview for new episodes, viewers see Josh declaring to Jackie, "Losing you is my biggest regret. I do love you. I wanna be together."


In another scene, Marshall says to a frustrated-looking Jackie, "I need answers. Josh, whatever that is. I need to know."

Jackie hugs her upset-looking fiancé, saying, "Just love me."

If this new TikTok is any indication, it looks like Jackie and Josh might be hitting it off more than Jackie and Marshall.

New episodes of Love Is Blind are dropping Friday, April 7 on Netflix.