'Love Is Blind' Star Marshall Shares When He Learned Jackie and Josh Were Skipping the Reunion (Exclusive)

Marshall speaks exclusively with ET after his ex and her new man did not go to the 'Love Is Blind' reunion special.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched season 4 of Love Is Blind and the reunion special, proceed with caution.

It was a night filled with technical difficulties and shocking revelations as Love Is Blind fans tuned in to Netflix for what was supposed to be a live reunion special. But in addition to the almost two-hour delay, two of this season's stars were not in attendance -- Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas.

At the top of the show, co-host Vanessa Lachey announced that the couple, who got together after Jackie's split from former fiancé Marshall Glaze, wouldn't be attending the show but had recorded a pre-taped interview via Zoom.

The segment aired partway through the reunion, featuring the couple appearing together, giving an update on their year-long relationship and making several accusations against Marshall, who was in-person at the reunion.

After saying he felt "slighted again for the second time in this experiment" by Jackie and Josh's absence, Marshall spoke with ET's Will Marfuggi on the red carpet after the show about Jackie and Josh not being in-person at the reunion, sharing he found out "24 hours" before the special that his ex and her new guy would not be in attendance.

"[I had] a lot of emotions when I found out, definitely had prepared myself for them to be here," Marshall told ET. "That's a lot of mental energy that I expense. I was not happy at first, but I just had to roll with the punches."

As for why the couple chose not to attend, Marshall added, "I realize that for some people, some circumstances are just too heavy for them, and I have to give them grace. It is what it is."

Jackie claimed on Instagram that she opted not to attend the reunion due to the "death threats" she received online since her season aired. 

While speaking with ET, Marshall called Jackie's claims that he wanted his engagement ring back to propose to another castmate "totally absurd," noting of his present-day personal life, "I have been seeing someone, but with this wild, new chapter of my life, I'm focusing on myself and trying to navigate it the best that I can."

As for whether he still feels the need to get closure from his former fiancée, Marshall said he's ready to move on.

"I don't feel like I need anything from anyone. Like I said, I've been slighted for the second time now. I can put myself back into the headspace of going internal and figuring out my own questions, because I don't need to understand anyone and why they're doing things," Marshall shared. "I can only control myself and how I show up in this world. So that's what I'm taking and moving forward with myself and I know I will be better because of all this."

Season 4 of Love Is Blind and the reunion special are streaming on Netflix.