'Love Is Blind' Star Lauren Speed Lives Her 'Real Housewives' Fantasy With Glam Shoot (Exclusive)

The reality star exclusively invited ET behind the scenes!

Lauren Speed is truly living her best life, and looking glam and gorgeous while doing it!

During quarantine, the Love Is Blind star modeled for her dream photo shoot, which was inspired by one of her favorite franchises, The Real Housewives. Now, ET's exclusively sharing behind-the-scenes images from the epic shoot, which also features Speed's husband, Cameron Hamilton.

Speed worked with creative director/hair stylist Troy Turner on the shoot, which was entirely conceptualized and completed by a team of all-Black creatives. When asked what her Housewives tagline would be, Speed quipped, "When the rest of the world is movin' slow, I'm always up to speed."

Posing poolside, Speed shows off her fit figure in an animal-print bikini by Avid Swim, designed by Gionna Nicole.

Gerard Lynneil

The reality star slays in the look, rockin' her various poses as Hamilton watches from the pool.

Gerard Lynneil

Speed amps up the glamour even more with this sassy orange mini dress by Arega Gowns designer Aria Garcia. She accessorizes the chic piece with earrings designed by Tamaira Ramae.

Gerard Lynneil

The Atlanta-based star later slips into a stunning fringe frock, also designed by Garcia, with stilettos by Giuseppe Zanotti and Misayo Jewelry by Idunnu Tomori. Hamilton, meanwhile, complements his wife's look in a suit and shoes by Don Morphy.

Gerard Butler

Meet more of the creatives below:

HAIR STYLIST: Troy Turner // @troystylez

PHOTOGRAPHER: Gerard Lynneil // @cos_images

VIDEOGRAPHER: Delano Halo // @delanohalo

MAKEUP ARTIST: Kendell Dempster // @k.dempster

LEAD STYLIST: Candace Hokett // @cxstyles

STYLING ASSISTANT: Shante Anderson // @junnemarrie

WELLNESS COACH & HOME OWNER: Nicole Sims // @nicolesimswellness

Gerard Lynneil

Earlier this year, ET spoke with Speed and Hamilton, where they opened up about what they've been doing to stay busy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"The one thing we've been doing is challenges with [our co-stars] on Instagram, like push-up challenges, and doing different TikToks," Hamilton revealed. "Just finding fun ways to interact with each other and stay in touch."

"I've never Skyped so many of my friends before," Speed added. "I talked to my friend the other day, then another one of my friends I hadn't talked to in forever reached out and we video chatted. We're like, 'How come we don't do this more often?' It's actually kind of nice to talk to people you haven't talked to in a long time."

The lovebirds also shared some tips and tricks on how to maintain a relationship during this quarantine period.

"The thing about being together all the time is, I feel like everybody needs a break now and then," Speed admitted. "So I feel like it's OK to communicate with your partner, like, 'Hey, I'm going to take 'x amount' of time and just have some me time... go into a different room, close the door. I gave myself, like, a mini spa night last night. I went to the bathroom, closed the door, gave myself a facial. Cam gave me my space and it was great."

"Even though we're stuck together, I feel like that me time, that individual time, is super important," she continued. "Especially times like this, when it's kind of dark, if you will, there's a lot of mental health stuff [going on]. You just gotta make sure you're good too, outside of just being with someone else."

Hear more in the video below.


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