'Love Is Blind' Star Micah Lussier Asks Critics to 'Please Leave Looks Out of It'

The season 4 contestant has been slammed for her 'mean girl' behavior on the show.

Micah Lussier is speaking out in regard to criticisms she's received since season 4 of Love Is Blind premiered last month. The 27-year-old Netflix star took to Instagram on Thursday, posting a series of portraits of herself in a fitted gray dress, posing on a balcony.

"I want to acknowledge that while there has been a lot of love and support, there has also been a lot of negativity on social media the last few weeks," Micah wrote, before making a request. "And I feel I have to say this.. please, just leave looks out of it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I want everyone to have a free space to speak their mind, but, a line has been crossed- and I am not the one suffering."

Micah claims that she has gotten "so many heartbreaking messages" from those who have been "negatively affected from hateful comments" they've seen on her and other cast members' posts.

"While I may have willingly thrown myself into the public eye, and can take the backlash- other people have not made that choice," she shared. "The impact of your words can be hurtful, especially to those who feel like they don’t fit in societies narrow definition of beauty. You may be talking to me, or other commenters, but you could easily be damaging an innocent person's self esteem. Don’t sink down to the level that you believe me to be at."

She also shared a message to those who might be struggling with reading the comments, writing, "Remember that opinions of other people don’t define who you are. You’re beautiful. Let’s celebrate our differences. They are what make us who we are 🤍"

Micah was a controversial figure on season 4 of the show as she was called out for her "mean girl" behavior in the women's lounge with pal Irina Solomonova and for her flirtatious interactions with ex Kwame Appiah after he was engaged to his future wife, Chelsea Griffin.

Micah previously opened up to ET about what led to her behavior on the show, saying, "I was caught up in my own story. I was trying to get this happy ending, and I think I was more interested in what was going on with me than with anyone else. While it wasn't meant to be mean, I wasn't caring or helping them through their difficult times."

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