'Love Is Blind' Star Natalie Lee Responds to Rumors She's Dating Co-Star Sal Perez

Natalie's ex, Shayne Jansen, fueled the rumors in a recent Q&A.

Though season 2 of Love Is Blind has wrapped, the romances haven't stopped. Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati have fueled romance rumors after being spotted out together following Kyle confessing his love for Deepti in the reunion special. And they may not be the only new match from the show's cast.

Natalie Lee and Salvador Perez have sparked romance rumors of their own, thanks to some flirty Instagram comments. 

Natalie posted some pics to social media this week, writing, "The old Nat can’t come to the phone right now. why? cause she’s dead." Sal replied, "What's new Natalie's number? 🤭📲 I've been meaning to contact her about her car's extended warranty. 🚗." 

And when Natalie posed in a stunning red dress, Sal commented, "Casual Wednesday? ... Pshh My goodness 📸📸📸📸"

Then on Thursday, Natalie's ex, Shayne Jansen, added fuel to the fire when he answered a fan who asked if he and Natalie "hate each other now?" Shayne answered, "Ask @salvadior08." 

Shayne Jansen/ Instagram Stories

However, in a new podcast interview on Tea With Publyssity, Natalie addressed rumors she's dating Sal head on, insisting they were not true. 

"I'm close to Sal. I know there's been speculation -- 'Are you and Sal dating?' -- we are not. We're just really, really close friends," she shared. "That friendship with him I really appreciate as well."

Natalie went on to praise her Netflix co-star, adding, "He's a very honest person. I feel like when I talk with him, what you see is what you get, if that makes sense? I also love his calm demeanor. I'm just like, 'Wow, every time I talk to you, I just feel a bit better and a bit more calm.'" 

She added that she's not "actively dating," but noted that she's "exploring some things." 

"No one from the cast. I'm friends with most of the men on the cast and I don't really see -- I don't want to say this too soon -- but I haven't really had a romantic connection with any of them, so nothing there for right now," she insisted. 

That includes her ex, Shayne. Though it was revealed that the former couple gave their romance a second shot after the show wrapped filming, Natalie noted, "That door is shut for me." 

"I'm glad we gave it a second shot. I think I would have had regrets if we didn't," she said. "I will always have a soft spot for Shayne in my heart because we did go through this experience together. He was my partner through just everything." 

Shayne opened up to ET right after the reunion episode aired, saying, "It was very tough seeing her. The feelings got brought back up and I definitely just wanted to hug her." 

For ET's exclusive interview with Natalie about what went wrong with Shayne, watch the clip below.