'Love Is Blind' Star Shake Chatterjee Issues Public Apology to Ex Deepti Vempati Amid Controversy

Shake Chatterjee was the clear villain of last week's season 2 reunion special of 'Love Is Blind.'

Is Abishek "Shake" Chatterjee finally seeing the error of his ways? Or is love still a little "blurry" for the vet? The controversial Love Is Blind contestant made headlines last week when the Netflix dating show's reunion episode dropped, featuring an unapologetic Shake alienating himself from his ex, Deepti Vempati, as well as the rest of the show's cast and co-hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey

He interrupted his co-stars multiple times, claimed to "stand by" his decision to ask women about their size and exercise habits in the pods, and noted that the only woman in the room he was attracted to was Vanessa

A source previously told ET of the reunion, "What you're seeing in the reunion is a watered-down version. Shake wouldn't stop. He kept interrupting everyone and when he said the only woman he was attracted to was Vanessa Lachey, the cast erupted. There were some very harsh things that were said to him that were taken out."

On Tuesday, Shake took to his Instagram account, posting a video apology to his ex, Deepti. 

"Deepti, I am truly sorry for some of the things that I said, things that honestly could have been left unsaid or could have been said differently, things that never should have been on national television," Shake said. "During the time we were filming, you were my best friend. Even though I knew our relationship wasn't going to end in marriage, I didn't want what we had to end either. I loved every second of it."

In the wedding finale of the show, Shake said yes at the altar before Deepti turned him down, choosing herself instead. 

"I'm so, so sorry that I hurt you with my words. That's the last thing I wanted from this," Shake claimed at the end of the message. 

In the caption, Shake wrote, "I’m ready to take accountability for my actions and be better. While I’ve reached out privately, I think it’s also important I apologize publicly for the sake of your family and friends that I’ve upset as well."

He later went on his Instagram Stories posting a photo and writing, "Honest advice: Don't go on reality TV unless you are willing to become a punching bag for the cast (and even the hosts) once the show comes out. Not playing victim here. Just facts."

Shake Chatterjee/Instagram Stories

So far, Deepti has not publicly replied to his apology, and if the reunion was any indication, he shouldn't hold his breath. 

Keeping her composure throughout most of the special, Deepti finally addressed Shake at one point of the episode, saying, "It's OK to not be physically attracted to somebody. Guess what, there's a million other people who are, it's the way you go about life. It's how you do it, how you say it, that's extremely disrespectful. It's degrading to women. Every single person here has an issue with your character. That's all I'm going to say... you lack the self-awareness to even know that you're doing something wrong and it's flabbergasting to me. The fact that I ever respected you as a person, it's mind-blowing."  

Deepti spoke with ET after taping the reunion special, making it clear she didn't intend on continuing a relationship or even a friendship with Shake after his hurtful words. 

"I think [the reunion] reaffirmed all of my concerns," Deepti told ET. "After the reunion, there's absolutely no way I even want to see him in a group setting anymore."

Deepti added of watching the show for the first time, "I am so happy I didn't marry him and watching it back just makes me lose all respect for him. I mean, there's totally moments where he's talking so positively about me, but I think he's just saying it to say it like, 'Yeah, I'm a good person.' And he just knows the right things to say, but I'm not sure if he means them in any way because his actions and his words don't align."

Since posting his apology, Shake has announced that he plans to start a podcast titled Love Is Blurry, based on his quote from the reunion special, writing, "The truth only offends those who live outside of it."